Faculty and Staff

The CSB/SJU art faculty includes painters, sculptors, printmakers, photographers, ceramicists, digital imagists, filmmakers, mixed media and installation artists, papermakers, letterpress printers, book artists, designers and art historians and theorists who know first hand the rigors and the rewards of professional competition as well as the desire to strive for excellence. CSB/SJU faculty members care deeply about teaching.

Faculty and Staff Listing


Carol Brash

Arts of Asia and Arts of China, Modern and Contemporary Art, Critical Theory

James Hendershot

James Hendershot


Sam Johnson

Ceramics, Foundations, 3D/Drawing, Senior Studio Thesis

David Paul Lange, OSB

Sculpture, Modern and Contemporary Art

Rachel Melis

2D/4D,3D/Drawing, Art of the Printed Book

Scott Murphy

Photography, Papermaking, Handmade Photography, 2D/4D Design

Simon-Hoa Phan, OSB (Department Chair)

Video, Animation, Sophomore Topics, Senior Studio Thesis

Elaine Rutherford

Painting, Drawing, Book Arts, 2D/4D, Mixed Media Installation, Senior Studio Thesis

Andrea Shaker

Andrea Shaker

Computer Art, Photography, Mixed Media Installation

Terri Johnson

Department Coordinator for Art and Theater