Learning Outcomes

Outcome 1

Students will understand the principles of design and effectively apply them in the creation of quality work.

Outcome 2

Students will effectively integrate content with the visual principles of design and technique.

Outcome 3

Students will be able to critically evaluate work through written and verbal modes of expression.

Outcome 4

Students will demonstrate an understanding of historical and contemporary issues in Art and Art Theory through verbal and written modes of communication.

Outcome 5

Students will be able to apply their understanding of historical and contemporary issues in Art and Art Theory, either directly or indirectly, to artwork (their own or others’).

Outcome 6

Students will develop a personalized, self-directed mode of expression that culminates in a cohesive, in-depth body of artwork.

Outcome 7

Students will effectively apply techniques appropriate to their media in the creation and presentation of well-realized artwork.

Mission Statement

The CSB/SJU art department is committed to building and sustaining an environment of creative freedom, personal expression and professional discipline, while exploring the relationship of these attributes to communal and social consciousness.

The art department supports the liberal arts tradition through a curriculum and faculty that cultivate critical inquiry, aesthetic appreciation, technical skill and cultural diversity in the visual arts through traditional and innovative means.

Through the support of this liberal arts tradition, the department is committed to achieving the following goals:

College of Saint Benedict
Saint John’s University

Sam Johnson
Chair, Art Department

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