Art History Minor

24 Credits Required

Introductory Courses (8 credits)
  • ART 230 Art Moves I: Neolithic to 1450 (4)
  • ART 260 Art Moves II: 1450 to 1850 (4) 
    • One of these may double-count with the Art Major
    • Either Class is a Pre-requisite for ART 300
Studio Art Electives (4 credits)

Any 200 or 300 level Studio Art Class (see below).

    • This may double-count with the Art Major
Art History Electives (12 credits)

At least 8 credits must be at the 300 level.

Commonly Offered Art History Courses:
  • Art 300 Modern and Contemporary Art (required for Art majors)
  • Art 309 East Asian Gardens
  • Art 310 Photography in China (is still listed as Art 240F)
  • Art 379 Museum Ethics and History
  • Chn/Art 279 Dream of a Red Utopia: The Chinese Cultural Revolution in Literature and Art
  • Coming soon: Art 279 The Relationship between Art, Health, and Health Care
  • Some study abroad courses offer Art History courses
Other things to know:
  • If you want to do an Art History major – you can create individualized major in Art History. Note: Graduates have become assistant curator at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, completed Art Conservation degree at Courtald Institute in London, developed web exhibitions for museums – design the degree for YOUR long term goals.
  • If you have burning desire to study a particular artist, period, medium, etc. you can propose an Individualized Learning Project.
  • Contact Carol Brash [email protected] if you have any questions.
Studio Art Electives include:
  • Drawing
  • Video Art
  • Printmaking
  • Photography
  • Painting
  • Installation
  • Ceramics
  • Graphic Design
  • Sculpture
  • Papermaking
  • Computer Art
  • Artist Books
  • Animation 
  • Letterpress Printing
  • Additional Special Topics Classes are offered as well