Learning Goals and Outcomes

At the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University, we make meaningful learning experiences that are achieved within curricular and co-curricular activities throughout the university. This is accomplished through our institutional, general education and major/minor requirements. Each of these learning goals is written specifically to help students to achieve our learning goals as an institution, as well as prepare them for the professional, personal, and social issues they may face as they make their way into the world. See how the CSB/SJU experience is about inspiring lives through learning.

Institutional Learning Goals

As an institution, we want students to think deeply, embrace difference, engage globally, serve graciously, and live courageously.

Common Curriculum Learning Goals

The faculty and administration have specified learning goals in both cross-disciplinary and discipline areas, which highlight the benefits of a liberal arts education.

Academic Department Learning Goals

Each of our academic departments and programs is dedicated to preparing students to reach their fullest potential by fostering integrated learning experiences through their particular fields of study.