About the Provost & Deans

Provost, Richard Ice, Ph.D.

(320) 363-5503

The Provost is the chief academic officer of both the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University and reports directly to the President. The Provost is responsible for overseeing and managing the quality, integrity and coherence of all academic programs, ensuring their congruence with the missions and educational objectives of CSB and SJU. They are responsible for inspiring and promoting a distinctive and rigorous academic vision and developing and implementing academic priorities and goals.

Associate Provost and Dean of the Faculty, Pamela Bacon, Ph.D.

(320) 363-5401

The Dean of the Faculty serves as the key academic administrator engaged in the hiring, retention and development of faculty. They are responsible for hiring faculty, ensuring development opportunities for faculty to effectively execute their duties, supporting faculty in their duties and coordinating with the Academic Dean to ensure the appropriate staffing of academic programs. The Dean of the Faculty assists the provost in determining the proper faculty composition for the effective implementation of the academic programs. The Associate Provost and Dean of the Faculty is also the final authority on student academic issues.

Dean of Curriculum and Assessment, Karyl Daughters, Ph.D.

(320) 363-5401

The Dean of Curriculum and Assessment serves as the key administrator engaging in curricular matters and works with departments and programs on assessment of student learning. They are responsible for scheduling, evaluation/assessment and matters of student and faculty interpretation of educational policy. They are accountable to the provost for the orderly administration of academic programs.

Dean of Student Academic Success, John Andrick, M.A.

(320) 363-5401

The Dean for Student Academic Success serves as the key administrator engaging in student engagement by promoting student academic success and co-curricular experiences. They are a leader in student retention, making appropriate decisions based on assessment and student success data. They will lead and oversee the First-Year Experience. The Dean will lead and facilitate transfer and retention programs. They will oversee the assessment of student support systems and programs and co-curricular experiences to ensure student success.