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Faculty and Staff

Faculty members have worked with professional theater companies around the country, and their strengths represent the major areas of drama production: acting, technical design and construction, directing and writing, and costuming. In addition to their accomplishments in these areas, they share a profound interest in the learning process and in the accomplishments of their students.

Kenneth Cartwright, Technical Director
[email protected]

David DeBliek, Visiting Assistant Professor
[email protected]

Amelia Cheever, Assistant Professor
[email protected]

Mark Hennigs, Associate Professor
[email protected]

Kaarin S. Johnston, Professor
[email protected]

Terri Johnson, Department Coordinator
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Sean Dooley


Tom Darnall, Professor Emeritus
Kerry Lafferty, Professor Emeritus
Willene Mangham, Professor Emerata
Leigh Dillard, Professor Alumna