The CSB/SJU theology department’s course offerings are more comprehensive than those offered by most other theology departments at colleges and universities of comparable size. Students may take a wide variety of courses on Sacred Scripture, church history, historical theology, doctrinal theology, moral theology, liturgy, pastoral theology, world religions, comparative theology, and interfaith relations.

The Clemens Library at CSB and the Alcuin Library at SJU provide a theological collection that is unparalleled in the Upper Mid-West and is among the best in North America.

CSB/SJU students have the opportunity to study theology on campuses that are home to two of the largest Benedictine monasteries in the world, Saint Benedict’s Monastery (for women) and Saint John’s Abbey (for men). They may regularly interact with members of these monastic communities, a number of whom are on the CSB/SJU faculty, and join them for Eucharist and other liturgical prayer.

Along with Saint Benedict’s Monastery, Saint John’s Abbey, and Saint John’s School of Theology, resources available to students include Benedictine Institute of Saint John’s, Collegeville Institute for Ecumenical and Cultural Research, Hill Museum and Manuscript Library, Jay Phillips Center for Interfaith Learning, Koch Chair in Catholic Thought and Culture, The Saint John’s Bible, and Youth in Theology and Ministry.

Requirements for a major in theology (44 credits)

  • THEO 100 Theological Explorations
  • THEO 210 Historical Development of the Christian Church
  • THEO 220 Philosophy for Theology
  • THEO 221 Thinking Theologically
  • THEO 300 Engaging Scripture
  • THEO 390 Fundamental Moral Theology (satisfies ECS)
  • 16 credits (four courses) chosen in consultation with the student’s advisor from at least two of the four following areas:
    • Scripture
    • Systematics/Moral
    • Spirituality/Liturgy/Pastoral
    • History/World Religions
  • THEO 396 Capstone: Theological Conversation
Note to students and advisors:

The 200 level courses are ideally situated earlier in the four year plan, certainly before senior year. The 300 level major courses are best situated in junior and senior year. 300 level electives can be taken anytime.

Requirements for a minor in theology (20 credits)

The Theology Minor is a flexible minor to complement your major, serve your sense of vocation, or simply stimulate your passion and interests. It allows you to immerse yourself in theological study as part of your matriculation at our Catholic, Benedictine schools. It offers a great opportunity to taste focused theological study at this time in your life when you have access to a large theological faculty and a host of theological resources.

  • THEO 100 Theological Explorations
  • THEO 220 Philosophy for Theology or THEO 210 Historical Development of the Christian Church
  • THEO 221 Thinking Theologically
  • THEO 300 Engaging Scripture
  • Eight upper division theology credits as electives