Strategic Communication Studies


Major and Minor Requirements

40 credits

Students are required to complete 40 credits for the Strategic Commuinication Studies major with or without a concentration and 48 credits to complete the major if they complete both concentrations. Students can choose one of three paths through the major:

    • Choose their own path
    • Choose to complete one of the two concentrations (Public Relations, Advertising and Marketing or Public Advocacy Leadership)
    • Choose to complete both concentrations, which requires completion of an additional 8 credits of Communication courses

Foundation Courses:

(16 credits)

  • COMM 102 Public Speaking and the Public Sphere (HE, HM, J1)
  • COMM 103 Media and Society (HE, HM, T1)
  • COMM 105 Introduction to Human Communication (SS, SW, T1)
  • A 300-level course called Communicating Ethically

Public Relations, Advertising and Marketing Concentration (PRAM)

    • COMM 336: Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations Campaign Design (SW, T3)

And 4 credits from each of the following goal areas:

Message Design:

    • COMM 240: Digital Video Communication
    • COMM 245: Introduction to Media Writing (WR)
    • COMM 283A: Public Relations Branding (2 credits)
    • COMM 283B: Advertising Branding (2 credits)
    • COMM 346: Strategic Communication Campaigns Design Experience (EX)


    • COMM 282A: Public Relations
    • COMM 338: Strategic Social Media Marketing and Analysis (EX)
    • COMM 379B: Rhetoric of Advertising (HE, TF)
    • COMM 384C Gender, Media and Political Campaigns

Communication and Community:

    • COMM 312 Rhetorical Dimensions of Sport  (CS)
    • COMM 314 Public Health Marketing (EL, SW, T3)
    • COMM 330: Apology & Crisis Communication 

Public Advocacy & Leadership (PAL) Concentration

    • COMM 300 level: Advocacy and Leadership required course

And 4 credits from each of the following goal areas:

Message Design:

    • COMM 220 Debate & Democracy (BN, T1)
    • COMM 225 Argumentation & Advocacy (HE, T1)


    • COMM 110 Voices Unheard (CI) 
    • COMM 248 Media & Youth: (HE, M3, WRIT, EX)
    • COMM 251 Communication & Conflict (J1)
    • COMM 265 Small Group Comm (SW, J1)
    • COMM 277A: Listening for Justice (HE, TF, BN)
    • COMM 278A Rhetoric of Social Change (HE, MF)
    • COMM 352 Health Communication (SW, T3) 

Communication and Community:

    • COMM 305 Gender, Voice & Power (CS)
    • COMM 341 News & Democracy (HE, T3)
    • COMM 347: Media Effects (QR, SW)
    • COMM 353A Intercultural Health Communication (JF)
    • COMM 361 Fat Studies (CS)
    • COMM 378A Environmental Rhetoric (HE, MF, BN)
    • COMM 379A Freedom of Speech (HE, BN, TF)
Elective Courses:

Each student completing a concentration chooses an additional 8-12 elective credits in Strategic Communication Studies, beyond the required courses in a concentration. Students may complete up to 4 credits of electives from a list of approved courses in other departments.

Additional Strategic Communication Studies courses include:

    • COMM 304: Political Communication
    • COMM 310: Black Civil Rights Rhetoric
    • COMM 342: Communicating in an AI Era (M3)
    • COMM 350: Intercultural Communication (GLO)
    • COMM 350A: Intercultural Communication (EX, GLO)
    • COMM 351: Gender and Communication (SW, J3)
    • COMM 358: Family Communication
    • COMM 367: Organizational Communication
    • COMM 384C: Rhetoric of Popular Music
    • COMM 387D: Media, Law, and Society
    • COMM 397: Internship (EX)

Elective Courses from other departments that will count toward the major:

    • ART 217: Introduction to Photography
    • ART 218: Introduction to Computer Art
    • ART 317: Intermediate/Advanced Photography
    • ART 318: Intermediate/Advanced Computer Art
    • ART 333A: Computer Art: Portrait (2 credits)
    • ART 333D Computer Art: Narrative (2 credits) 
    • Data 162: Introductory Data Analysis and Visualization (2 credits)
    • ENG 311: Creative Nonfiction
    • ENG: 217 Creative Inquiries 
    • SOC 206: Qualitative Methods 
    • SOC 279A: Quantitative Methods 
    • PSYC 221 Applied Behavioral Statistics 
    • Psych 235: Research Methods

women in classroom

Acceptance to Major Requirements:

  • Course Requirements: COMM 102, 103, and 105 (must complete 2 of 3 to be accepted to major; must complete all 3 to graduate with COMM major)
  • Minimum Grade and/or GPA for required courses: GPA 2.0
  • Minimum Cumulative GPA: 2.0
College of Saint Benedict
Saint John’s University

Kelly Berg, Ph.D.
Chair, Communication Department
SJU Quad 440

Laura Schmitz
Department Coordinator
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