Strategic Communication Studies

To understand and be understood calls for
writing|speaking|listening|persuasion|analysis|critical thinking.

Communication is a vital part of the human experience, and learning how to convey ideas through visuals, speech, text, and graphics prepares you for a variety of roles in the business world. A degree in Strategic Communication Studies helps you understand and navigate a world that has become so noisy and full of information. Our program will give you the skills employers say they value most and the strategic thinking essential for using them well.


Why Study Communication at CSB+SJU?

Our communication degree supplies you with…

  • the in-demand skills essential for your career.
  • strategic thinking for the dynamic communication landscape.
  • versatility to ensure you are adaptable for in-demand careers now and in the future.

Program Overview

At CSB+SJU, we offer two concentrations within our Strategic Communication Studies degree:

    • Public Relations, Advertising and Marketing (PRAM) Concentration​
    • Public Advocacy and Leadership (PAL) Concentration

Students can choose one of three paths through the major:

    • Choose their own path
    • Choose to complete one of the two concentrations (PRAM or PAL)
    • Choose to complete both concentrations, which requires completion of an additional 8 credits of Communication courses

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Life as a Communication Major

Learning Outcomes

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Congratulations to our Communication majors who completed 
2023 Summer Leadership Fellowships!

John Brandl Scholar

Elizabeth Hamak

Fleischhacker Center for Ethical Leadership in Action

Emily Cavanaugh
Taylor Samuelson

Marie & Robert Jackson Fellows

Dana Alcala
Zachary Staver

Why Choose the Communication Major

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Kelly Berg, Ph.D.
Chair, Communication Department
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Laura Schmitz
Department Coordinator
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