Saint John's Student Fund Raises $3M for Sixth Consecutive Year

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July 13, 2023

A group of college graduates celebrating in front of the Abbey ChurchSaint John’s University raised $3,100,466 for Student Fund scholarships during the 2022-23 fiscal year. It is the sixth consecutive year that donors gave more than $3 million for current scholarships for Saint John’s undergraduate students.

“I want to thank everyone who gave to this year’s Student Fund,” said Rick Speckmann ’72, president of the Saint John's Alumni Association between July 2021 through June 2023. “I am amazed how Saint John’s alumni, parents, and friends continue to stand up for Saint John’s and its students. The generosity from Student Fund donors directly impacts our student body and the opportunities afforded to Johnnies on campus.”

Overall, 3,552 donors supported the Student Fund, including 3,016 Saint John's alumni.

“I especially want to recognize the alumni volunteers who led their classes to this year’s participation, donors, dollars and Fellows numbers,” Speckmann said.

Reunion Alumni and Spouses

Alumni classes in a reunion year in 2023 (the 5th through the 60th reunions) contributed $577,603 toward the Student Fund from 645 donors.

The 40th reunion Class of 1983’s gift to the Student Fund totaled $112,456 – the largest gift from this year’s Reunion classes. The Class of 1983 also led the way in donors with 92. The Class of 1963 gave $94,888 from 46 donors for their 60th class reunion. The 45th reunion class of 1978 finished with 83 Student Fund donors and gave $73,860 to Student Fund scholarships.

The reunion classes of 1973 (20), 1978 (13), 1993 (eight), and 2013 (seven) had the largest increases in Student Fund donors over the previous fiscal year.

All Alumni and Spouses

The Class of 1970 once again led all classes in dollars raised to the Student Fund, giving $134,533. The Class of 1995 gave the next largest amount, totaling $116,483. The Class of 1983’s total of $112,456 was third highest, followed by the classes of 1972 and 1963 which gave $97,685 and $94,888, respectively.

The class of 1983 had the most Fellows Society donors, with 32 classmates giving at the Walter Reger Fellows level – $1,000 or more to the Student Fund.

The top five classes in Student Fund donors were 1983 (92), 1974 (85), 1973 (84), 1969 (83), and 1978 (83).

Five classes met their Student Fund donor goals this fiscal year – 1973, 1978, 1993, 2012, and 2021.


The Alumni Association Board of Directors met 100% participation to the Student Fund. Collectively, the 47-member Board contributed $45,567 in Student Fund support.


117 current parents of Saint John's students contributed $162,689 to the Student Fund in 2022-23.

860 parents of SJU alumni supported the Student Fund, giving $741,036 for scholarships.


The Student Fund supports scholarships for current undergraduate Saint John's students. Every Saint John’s student receives scholarships or financial aid. The specific awards funded by the Student Fund include Trustees’, President’s, Dean’s, Art, Music, Theatre, Legacy, out-of-state, and Catholic high school scholarships.