Room Specifications

A residence hall at Saint John's is a home away from home. We want students to have a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable stay in our residence halls. Therefore, we have set some guidelines within the restrictions of school policies. Before moving in, go over the guidelines, decide what to bring, discuss needs and the costs of room personalization. Formulate a plan for decorating and arranging the room, and discuss a budget. Studies show that students who are comfortable and happy in their housing situation are more likely to return to campus housing and have more positive attitudes towards academics and socialization. With this in mind, please read the following for guidelines room personalization at Saint John's.

University Furniture

All rooms in residence halls at Saint John's are furnished with:

  • Sink
  • Beds w/mattresses
  • Desks w/chairs
  • Wastebaskets/recycle bins
  • Bookshelves
  • Drapes/shades
  • Wardrobe/closets with shelves
  • Towel bars
  • Internet

Rooms don't include dressers, but closets have deep storage shelves.

Note: Students may not remove University furnishings from rooms or apartments. Storage of University furniture outside of an assigned residence area is not allowed.


Thomas Hall
Thomas Hall closets have five shelves spaced roughly 8.5 inches apart; they are 18" deep and 12.5" wide. Around chest level, the shelves stop, and there is an open area 41" tall. This space is the same depth and width as the shelves, only taller. Across the top of this open space is a rod for hanging clothes or other items.

Mary Hall
Mary Hall closets have six shelves spaced roughly 8" apart; they are 18" deep and 12" wide. There is a bottom space from the floor to the 1st shelf about 18" high. The space from the top shelf to the ceiling is about 15".

We encourage students to invest in storage containers that can be used as pull-out drawers on the shelves. Under the bed storage containers are also useful.


  • All mattresses are size twin extra long (39" x 80")
  • Water beds are not allowed in residence halls at Saint John's


Students can rent a bed loft for their residence hall room from This product is a convenient, affordable way to maximize space and comfort. Order early to guarantee free delivery and assembly before move-in day.

Note: Bed Lofts are only available for the following halls:

  • Bernard Hall
  • Boniface Hall - Note: Bunked beds are not an option
  • Mary Hall
  • Patrick Hall - Note: Bunked beds are not an option
  • Tommy Hall

Note: Bunk beds are an option in other residential areas. Most other locations contain furniture that comes with lofting devices.

Posters/wall hangings
Students may hang posters and pictures on the walls. Please plan carefully in the products used to hang items:

  • 3M Blue Painter's tape - we recommend this as it is least likely to damage the walls.
  • 3M Command adhesive products - have not caused damage when applied and removed properly
  • Colored sticky adhesive gum products - leave marks on walls, subject to charges
  • Packing/Duct Tape - leaves residue on the walls and sometimes causes wall damage
  • Nails/screws - Do not use nails or screws on the walls, doors, or room surfaces.

Charges for repairing holes on walls, doors, and ceilings caused by tape, nails, tacks, or screws, as well as other damages to the rooms and university furnishings are charged equally to the residents of a room.
We prohibit traffic and street signs in residence halls. Life Safety confiscates such signage found in campus housing.


All rooms are carpeted, which insulates them from noise and cold and can make the spaces more attractive.

Modifications to the Room

Students may not structurally modify on-campus residences in any way. Students cannot paint, panel, or build walls.

For additional information, visit What To Bring.