Tennis Courts

Tennis courts, 1987 (click photo for larger image)

The New Tennis Courts

Tennis courts, 1955, courtesy of The Record

Tennis Courts, Aerial, 1981

Tennis courts aerial shot, 1981, click through for full image.

The tennis courts were originally constructed in 1924.  Fr. Arnold supervised the construction, which cost $2,500 and allowed up to 28 players to occupy the courts at one time.

In 1987, a master plan was created for the construction of new courts. Due to a faulty foundation, a variety of problems such as cracks, weeds and dead spots posed a safety concern to those that played tennis.  Both the St. John's Senate and Student Affairs Advisory Council supported the construction of new tennis courts.  The master plan proposed eight new courts and were finished in 1989.

In 2011, the tennis courts finished in 1989 were razed to create a parking lot. The new tennis court, called the Chang Tennis Complex, was dedicated on April 22, 2017.


Special thanks to Ariel Smelter '12 for drafting this text