Science Hall 1910

The preparatory work for the new Science Hall, such as digging and hauling of materials, is now well under way. The necessity for a building of this kind has long been keenly felt, especially by the science teachers, who for want of space and facilities were hampered and cramped in their work….The building itself will be fireproof and up-to-date in construction. Its dimensions are 60 feet by 100 feet, an it will be three stories high, besides the basement. In the basement spacious rooms are assigned to mechanical and electrical engineering. Besides, it contains a workshop and lathe room, storage-battery room, and janitor, toilet, and storage rooms. On the first floor the physical and biological departments will be located; the space being divided into several laboratories, library and professors’ rooms. The second floor is given over to chemistry, where laboratories for general and special work will be provided. Two spacious lecture rooms are likewise located on this floor, and a room for geological purposes. The third floor contains a large lecture room and quarters for the drawing department. No doubt, a new era of advancement will commence for Saint John’s with the day which the Science Building will be put into commission.