The Record, September 27, 1951

Whether their rooms look north to Flynntown or south to the Twin Towers, students in St. Mary’s Hall are indulging in the favorite pastime of gazing on the fall landscape from picture windows. They are living in the first new dormitory to be erected here in 22 years, a gift of the alumni and the friends of St. John’s.

Returning upperclassmen, first students to get places in the new building, are delighted with the large, comfortable rooms, the new beds with innerspring mattresses, the desks and wardrobes made of native oak by Brother Hubert and his carpenters.

But they take pleasure above all in those wonderful picture windows. Creative, imagination has been stimulated too. Many students have devised window displays for those outside looking in-displays featuring potted plants, hanging gardens, bird cages, autumn leaves and stuffed pheasants.

There is universal agreement that the new building is well designed. The free use of glass throughout assures plenty of light. This is especially true of the new day hop quarters, where floor height thermo-pane windows look out on the old barracks area – soon to be landscaped after the last barracks have been dismantled and carried away.

The cafeteria (still the Snack Shack to day hops) is located on the ground floor, along with the day student lounge. Rose-grey drapes on a hard finish nylon weave decorate the cafeteria. These are also a feature of the Gold Start Lounge, which is not yet furnished.

Now swarmed with green-topped flunkies, the rooms of St. Mary’s are getting daily cleanups under the supervision of upperclassmen. First prefects to take assignments in the new hall are Rev. Emeric Lawrence, OSB, first floor; Rev. Adelard Thuente, OSB, second floor; and Rev. Casper Keogh, OSB, third floor. Each prefect’s apartment has two rooms with a bath.

The building was erected at a cost slightly less than $700,000 from funds supplied by the alumni and friends. So far thy have pledged a total of 283,000. They are determined to continue the fund until the total cost has been pledged, and at the rate at which contributions have been coming in during the past three months, it seems likely that the goal will be reached.