Student Activities and Leadership Development

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Student Activities staff wants to share how your club can continue its operations virtually.   Please reach out to Trish Doran ([email protected]) if you have any questions.  

Connect with Video, Voice & Chat 

Stay in touch with your student club or organization that can help you facilitate a virtual meeting with your members! The group messaging apps will help you stay in touch that doesn’t involve a scheduled meeting.   

Zoom: Zoom is a virtual meeting app that can be used from Android, iOS, or web app. As a CSB/SJU student, you have access to the institution’s Zoom software. You can host your weekly meetings. Your members can join via video or phone.  

Google HangoutSimilar to Zoom, you can connect with your members with video chats through the Google Platform.  

Group MeGroupme is an app that allows for creating group messaging “rooms” on the Groupme app for Android or iOS.  It can add as many participants as you’d like. The host and all participants need an account made through the app (you can login with your google account or others). 


Set up a virtual election using the Forms Manager function on the CSB/SJU website.  


  • Do a test run first to be sure you are familiar with the process and how results are shared. 
  • Make sure you are following your constitution’s nominations and elections procedures as accurately as possible. 
  • Update your roster so you can have an accurate idea of how many members will be voting in the election. 
  • Share elections results with your group virtually using email, social media, etc. 

 Team Building, Bonding & Engagement 

Think creatively about ways to connect and have with one another from afar.  It’s important to keep morale high within your club and keep members engaged and feeling connected.  

  • Instagram Takeovers - Assign an officer or member a day of the week to take over the club’s account and re-cap “a day in the life of ____” 
  • Tik Tok - Make a fun video and challenge other orgs to do the same. 
  • General Q&A - Use social media to allow others to learn more about your organization and how to get/stay involved. 
  • Story Telling - Share pictures and videos letting others know what you did and accomplished this past year. Share stories of your officers, members, and advisor(s). 

Virtual Icebreakers 

Celebrations, Recognition and Awards 

Some ideas to think about and consider: 

  • Host a virtual banquet or ceremony 
  • Consider live-streaming a virtual version of the event on social media or on web-based video conferencing platform. 
  • Shout out accomplishments on social media platforms 
  • Mail out any recognition items your organization planned to distribute 
  • Find creative ways to recap the year and share out all the great things your organization did this year. 
  • Use Canvas to create an infographic
  • Show your creativity on TikTok and recap your year through a video
  • Have fun! We are all adapting right now, so try not to put too much pressure on yourself to create the perfect virtual event or activity. Simply providing an opportunity for your organization to stay connected to each other this semester can be a great benefit to the organization.