An organization is a group that is closely tied to a department on campus, and  has the oversight of that department rather than oversight by The Center for Student Leadership & Engagement. It is often in the job description of a department member to advise the group. Frequently, some funding from the department goes towards the group, although it is not always the case. Organizations cannot be funded by the Co-Funding Board. An organization does not have to go through the club recognition process, nor are they required to have a constitution.

Organizations are asked to submit an annual registration form with a list of members, an advisor contract and a constitution (if one exists) to Student Leadership & Engagement each academic year for the purposes of record keeping.




AIM strives to strengthen CSB’s historically underrepresented students’ personal development and leadership through collaboration with various academic groups on campus to help build community, sense of belonging, and overall student success. 

Big Brothers Big Sisters of CSB/SJU

Big Brothers Big Sisters of CSB+SJU strives to spread the word about the need for mentors in St. Joseph, St. Cloud, and around Central Minnesota; encourage students, faculty, and staff at the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University to become a mentor with BBBS; and support those who already serve as mentors. You do not need to be a current Big or have any past experience with the agency to be a part of this organization – just an interest in mentoring and a desire to support local youth. BBBS of CSB+SJU will plan and host activities for matches, help BBBS of Central Minnesota recruit Bigs from the two campuses and spread awareness about the mission of BBBS of Central Minnesota. As a part of BBBS of CSB+SJU, there are opportunities to hold leadership roles within the organization as well as opportunities for internships with the agency in St. Cloud. This organization will help participants grow their resume, gain leadership skills, and support youth in Central Minnesota. For more information please visit

top@buzzed is not an anti-alcohol campaign,rather it’s more like a pro-don’t-be-an-idiot campaign designed by and for students. We all know the stats and facts. We’re not asking you to stop.We’re not asking you to continue or start either. We simply want you to make the choice to respect yourself and those around you, if you choose to drink.

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