Telling Your Story

There are different ways that victims and survivors can share their stories of abuse/assault. One way that a victim/survivor might consider sharing is through an anonymous online resource available to individuals who want to share their experience but are not ready to share their identity.

There are also confidential local resources that can be very helpful to victims/survivors who are interested in sharing their experiences confidentially. Central MN Sexual Assault Center and Anna Marie’s Alliance are both located in St. Cloud, MN and have 24 hour a day hotlines available.

  • Central MN Sexual Assault Center, 320-251-4357
  • Anna Marie’s Alliance, 320-253-6900

Telling your story can be one part of your healing journey. There are many different ways to heal from trauma. Remember you are not to blame. Make sure that you find support. Support groups, counseling, and self-care are a few options that you may want to pursue as you heal from your traumatic experience. Surround yourself with a support system that believes you. If you need ideas for your healing journey, you can call the hotline numbers above for suggestions or utilize resources on campus or in the community.

Online Anonymous Story Sharing Resource

The power of community is undeniable. The connection with others that it brings is integral to empowerment and growth – but without a safe space to build that connection, many survivors are often left feeling isolated and alone.

With the help of a new tool from Our Wave and in partnership with End Rape On Campus, It’s On Us is hoping to be part of the movement to change that.

It’s On Us has launched – an online community designed to empower survivors of sexual assault to anonymously and safely share their stories and healing journeys. 

Here’s how it works: Survivors interested in sharing their story do so through the platform’s online portal, featuring additional prompts to share what healing means to them along with a message of hope and healing to another survivor who may be struggling.

Survivors are also able to submit other media forms (e.g. photography, artwork) to depict their healing journey. The submissions are then reviewed by team members who redact any identifying information, provide content warnings if applicable, and post them to the website 5-7 days later. Survivors have complete control of their submissions and can take them off the site temporarily or permanently at any time giving the survivor time and control over their narrative.

This space will allow survivors to share their stories in their own way, on their own timeline, and with anonymity, while still providing the community connection needed to heal. We recognize not every survivor is ready – or ever will be ready – to come out as a survivor. With Survivor Spaces’ capacity for anonymity, It’s On Us hopes to reach more survivors and support their healing.

Shared with permission from It’s On Us
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