Pre-veterinary Medicine


Caring for All God’s Creatures

Veterinary medicine serves not only animals – from family pets to farm livestock and zoo animals – but also humans in the fight to control zoonotic diseases like Lyme disease and West Nile virus. We provide a broad-based, liberal arts starting point for your studies.


Why Study Pre-veterinary medicine at CSB and SJU?

  • Trained and committed faculty advisors from different areas
  • Prerequisite courses and study resources that strongly prepare students for applying to veterinary schools
  • Unique curricular field biology experiences
  • Experiential opportunities in local clinics and volunteer organizations


Program Objectives

  • To prepare well-rounded applicants for veterinary school, building on a strong curricular foundation in the natural sciences
  • To provide students the resources to approach the study of animal biology in lab and field settings
  • To provide students resources to explore co-curricular experiential opportunities such as shadowing in veterinary clinics

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