Saint Benedict's and Saint John's offer a pre-professional program for students who plan to enter the field of pharmacy. Entrance requirements for pharmacy schools vary; students should inform themselves of the courses required by the school they plan to attend.

Admission to most colleges of pharmacy occurs when the student enters the professional program. This may occur after completion of pre-professional requirements or after completion of the bachelor's degree, generally with a major in biology, chemistry, biochemistry or natural science. Students are advised to consult with the faculty advisor early in their studies. It is recommended that students applying for pharmacy school apply via the early admissions process if available.

Pre-professional course work requirements differ slightly, but the following list of courses is recommended based on the requirements of the College of Pharmacy, University of Minnesota: BIOL 121, 221, 307 or 212, 320 or 325 and 326; CHEM 123, 234, 235, 236. COMM 111; ECON 111; MATH 119; PHYS 105, 106, or 191, 200 and 211; PSYC 111 and SOCI 111. Note: MATH 120 and 239 are prerequisites for PHYS 200 and 211.