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Pre-engineering students at CSB and SJU find that the program offers a solid preparation for engineering, along with many advantages (liberal arts setting, small class size, close relationship with faculty, etc.) few engineering schools can offer. The dual-degree program in physics and engineering allows students to take the first three years of the physics major at CSB and SJU and then transfer to an engineering school. After a total of about five or six years, the student receives a Bachelor of Arts degree in physics from CSB and SJU and a Bachelor of Science degree in engineering from the engineering school.

Many career opportunities for highly qualified physicists are available. Talented and motivated men and women continue to be sought by industry, government and academia. Also there are opportunities for interested individuals in medical physics. In addition, in keeping with recent trends to prepare students for nonstandard careers, we provide students with a diverse background including training in scientific communication (written and oral) and individualized programs in teacher education to prepare them for a broader range of career opportunities. CSB/SJU physics graduates have pursued careers in industry across the country in such places as:

College of Saint Benedict
Saint John’s University

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Chair, Physics Department
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