Induction Ceremony Addresses

A Theta of Minnesota Resident Member gives an address to new members during each spring induction ceremony. The texts and/or videorecordings of these addresses are available below.

Past Addresses

2020: Jason Schlude's "The Art of Liberation: Life in the Liberal Arts"    

2019: Ana Conboy's “'The Offer of the College': A Life of Meaning and Purpose
2018: Fr. Robert Koopman's "Improvisation and the Liberal Arts"
2017: Laura M. Taylor's "The Heart of the Matter: The Value of a Liberal Arts Education"
2016: Shawn Colberg's "Knowledge Approaching Wisdom: The Gift of the Liberal Arts"
2015: Louis Johnston's "The Liberal Arts and the Wealth of Nations"
2014: Noreen L. Herzfeld's "The Unruly Pilot"
2013: Scott Richardson's "The Mysterious Stranger"
2012: Vincent Smiles' "Meditation on a Page"
2011: Erica Stonestreet's "Splitting Stars and Splitting Wood"

Image of Louis Johnston presenting an induction ceremony address