Nature’s Narratives: where we work, live, and play

Nature's Narratives: where we work, live, and play

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Share your experiences of nature in your life. Through your stories, we hope to amplify the diversity of voices in the outdoors as we work to become a more inclusive community.

Use any format or medium to share your narrative. All participants will receive a thank-you gift.

Recent Submissions

Crystal Diaz ’22 (she/her/hers)
“There was no way I, a Latina woman from Southside Chicago, could call myself outdoorsy.”

Isabella Bovee ’24 (she/her/hers)
“Having access to opportunities made learning to love the outdoors so effortless.”

Aaron Raverty, OSB SOT ’77 (he/him/his)
“Vultures and Lilacs”

Michael Kennedy ’22 (he/him/his)
“Nature’s Collective”

Zachary Staver ’24 (he/him/his)
“There Is a Beautiful”