Driving Directions

Take I-94 to the Saint John's exit.

Exit 156 to Saint John's is approximately 10 miles west of St. Cloud.

To get to the Prairie Kiosk in the Abbey Arboretum:

Go south about 1/2 mile.  The kiosk is a small wooden structure in the prairie on the left-hand side of the road.

To get to the Outdoor U offices: 

Continue until the 4-way stop (about 1 mile total) and turn left. Continue for 1/4 mile until the small brown Science Lot 1 & 2 information sign. Turn right, then continue to the bottom of the hill into Science Lot 1. The New Science Center is the building on your left as you enter the parking lot.

Enter the building and take a left at the large pendulum in the entryway. (Hint: The building is a large square. If you take a wrong turn, continue around the hall and you'll find us!).

  • Jenny Kutter/Main office: Room 104
  • Sarah Gainey: Room 106
  • Kyle Rauch: Room 106
  • John Geissler: Room 108
  • Natural History Museum/meeting space: Room 150