Stewardship Activities

Abbey Arboretum Trail Map


Saint John's Abbey relies on our dedicated volunteers to assist with the above and many other volunteer opportunities. Sign up for our email list if you are interested in receiving notifications about volunteer opportunities.

Prescribed Burns

Prescribed burns help suppress the growth of trees and invasive species, and they encourage the growth of native prairie plants, birds, mammals, and butterflies. Prairie plants thrive in fires because they have protected root systems up to 15 feet deep. Following a burn, prairie plants burst with new growth and flowers.

Controlled Archery Deer Hunt

A large number of deer over-winter in the Abbey Arboretum, and if that influx is added to a high local population, the result is over-browsing of the tree seedlings, shrubs and annual forbs. The goal of the annual deer hunt is to assure a deer population level that will allow both adequate regeneration of the forest and a healthy deer herd on the Abbey lands.

Nordic Skiing

More than 15K of trails in the Abbey Arboretum are groomed for nordic skiing - for classic, skate or both. The natural rolling hills make some of the trails challenging but beautiful.

Maple Syrup

Since the early 1940's the Saint John's community has participated in this annual rite of spring. Get an overview of our current maple syrup operation, its history, news, and learn how you can volunteer to help out!

Plants and Wildlife

At the confluence of forest an prairie or water and land a diversity of plant and animal species can be found at Saint John's.