Pathways to Distinction

Pathways Process

First Year

All students take FYX’s College Success Course and explore courses and experiences that fit their personal and academic interests.

Sophomore Year

Students receive an invitation to enroll in Pathways. Those interested opt in to one or two pathways that align with their interests. Upon opt-in, a Pathway Plan will be populated for them in the Hive that lists the criteria they must meet over the next three years to earn that distinction upon graduation.

Junior Year

Students who haven’t opted in receive a second invitation to enroll in Pathways. Again, students who opt-in are provided a Pathway Plan in the Hive to guide them. During junior year, students enrolled in Pathways will be actively gathering experiences and evidence to complete the Pathway criteria.

Senior Year

Students submit their evidence and will be notified prior to graduation that they have been awarded the distinction. Recognition will be given at commencement and students will walk away with an additional prestigious component in their e-Portfolio.

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Saint John’s University

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