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Japanese program students headed to Japan again!

Following last year’s record success of three placements in the competitive JET program, the Japanese program is pleased to announce two more JET placements (Maya Green, Cesar Luis), a placement at Bunkyo Gakuin Daigaku (Emerson Kanning), and placement with Interac teaching elementary students in Chikugo, Fukuoka (Jacob Cossairt), and a stationing with the US Army Air Defense in Okinawa (Noah Johnson). We are proud of our graduates! Read more.


Study Abroad:

Our study abroad program in Japan in the fall semester is hosted by Bunkyo Gakuin University, our over twenty-five-year-long collaborative partner. Bunkyo is located in central Tokyo, with a dorm adjacent to the campus for CSB and SJU students along with other international students. During the stay you will enjoy field trips to Nikko, Kyoto, Nara, Hiroshima, and Karuizawa.

Our three-week-long May-term Study Tour to Japan is also hosted by Bunkyo, coupled with field trips to Kyoto, Hiroshima, and Takayama.

Reasons to study Japanese language and culture at CSB and SJU:

  • To become uniquely multi-lingual, standing out in the crowd.
  • To be able to engage in a big economy blended with high-tech and rich traditions.
  • To study the Japanese experience of modernity as a non-Western nation.
  • To know Japanese culture-anime, novels, art, films, fashion, J-pop, or Kabuki.
  • To learn about Japan’s interactions with other Asian areas/countries such as China, Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.
  • To have abundant opportunities to visit Japan and make Japanese friends on campuses.

Japanese National Honor Society

Two CSB+SJU graduates have been inducted into the Japanese National Honor Society – College Chapter (JNHS-CC)

Rebecca Kong and Jeremy Jahn share their learning experience in the Japanese program.

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