Languages and Cultures

German Studies

Our German program combines linguistic competence with practical outcomes. Coursework on campus—or at our three study-abroad sites—hones effective writing, speaking, and critical thinking skills in German and English. Our innovative classes on topics like the ethics of Grimms’ Fairy Tales, Holocaust Studies, and Migration and Culture address the stakes of our times. Hallmarks of our German program are flexible opportunities to study abroad in Austria (Salzburg) and Germany (Berlin or Eichstätt) and one-on-one professional guidance from faculty on internships, scholarships, and honor society memberships. As a result, over 70 of our German learners have been awarded Fulbright scholarships and our students work in a wide range of rewarding fields in the German-speaking world and in the U.S., including in the performing arts, science laboratories in Germany, education, and further graduate study.

Mission Statement

The German program prepares students to be linguistically competent and culturally knowledgeable global citizens. Through in-depth and multidisciplinary studies of culture, history, art, and literature, students develop insights into complex human experience from many times and places. German proficiency opens doors to study, work, and service around the world, promoting a deeper understanding of self and others, and preparing students for careers in education, writing, business, medicine, law, and the arts world.

Study Abroad:

College of Saint Benedict
Saint John’s University

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Chair, Languages and Cultures Department
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Department Coordinator
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