Languages and Cultures

Yana Taets

Academic Degrees:
  • M.A. with High Honors in Linguistics and Pedagogy, State Linguistic University in Pyatigorsk, Russia
  • Certificates for outstanding teaching and dedication to help students learn (Center for Educational Innovation, University of Minnesota)

I studied German Civil Law and Economic Geography at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich, Germany. At the same time, I worked as a logistician for the second largest transport company in Germany for 8 years. After moving to the US, I started my dream job at BMW of North America in New Jersey. Eventually I realized how unhappy I was in the corporate world and fulfilled my biggest childhood dream to be a teacher. I taught German language and culture at the Germanic-American Institute, Augsburg University, St. Paul Academy, and University of Minnesota. I met so many amazing students on the way and I am forever grateful for this most rewarding experience!  

I love teaching all levels of German language, contemporary literature, and German history.

I enjoy traveling with my husband and son, hiking, yoga (I even got certified to be a yoga teacher), snorkeling (growing up by the Black Sea instilled the love for nature in me), camping, and playing with my tabby cat and rescue Pomeranian. 

Yana Taets, visiting assistant professor

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