Languages and Cultures

Maria (Masha) Mikolchak

Academic Degrees

B. A. in International Relations, University MGIMO, Moscow, Russia

Graduate Certificate in Women’s Studies, University of South Carolina

Ph. D. in Comparative Literature, University of South Carolina

 Academic Interests

 19th Century Novel  (French, German, Russian), language pedagogy and linguistics (French, German, Russian), most recently also Russian-Ukrainian language interaction, English Grammar and Composition and ESL

 Fun Facts

I grew up and lived in five different countries in Europe and came to the US as an adult. I am fluent in 5 languages, rusty in one and keep learning. Over the years, every pet I had understood at least two languages, since it’s the reality for anyone living in my family. My four kids are fluent in at least three languages.

Maria (Masha) Mikolchak, visiting professor 

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French Studies

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