Graduate Nursing Programs

Program Outcomes

Graduate Program Goals

Goal 1

Provide an exceptional educational experience to develop graduate-level prepared registered nurses to perform at the highest professional level through development of ethical leadership, advocacy, and transitional skills. Our graduates are expected to advance the art and science of nursing and improve health outcomes for all.

Curriculum Outcomes:
  1. Apply scientific underpinnings, and appropriate analytical methods for the advancement of scholarship in evidenced based practice.
  2. Apply organizational and systems leadership, health care policy, and information technology to advocate for quality health care delivery and improvement of outcomes.
  3. Perform at an advanced level of nursing practice using interprofessional collaboration to impact patient and population outcomes to improve the nation’s health.

Goal 2

Provide a supportive environment for an engaged, innovative, and collaborative faculty team who is invested in graduate nursing education.

Faculty Outcomes:
  1. Demonstrate effective teaching and curriculum design, implementation, and evaluation using innovative and evidence-based strategies.
  2. Engage in scholarship and creative work that is publicly accessible and enhances teaching effectiveness and/or advances the discipline of nursing.
  3. Engage in advanced practice (APRNs) to enhance teaching effectiveness.
  4. Assist students to expand professional network, advanced learning opportunities, and resources that support their advanced practice goals.
  5. Actively contribute to department and college governance and other community service activities.
  6. Establish a professional identity that integrates the activities of teaching, advising, scholarship/creative work, and service with the individual’s strengths, personal professional goals, and the mission of the college [university].

“One thing I love about nursing is that there’s the possibility to constantly grow and learn. The opportunities are endless.”

Taylor Schreiner ’19

current graduate nursing student and Float Pool nurse at Mayo Clinic in Rochester

College of Saint Benedict
Saint John’s University

Dr. Jennifer Peterson
Chair, Nursing Department Graduate Programs
CSB Main 457

[email protected]