Master of Science in Nursing – Leadership and Education for Practice

The next generation of nurse leaders

The Master of Science in Nursing prepares you for a career as a leader and educator in the healthcare field to be able to work in a variety of settings including hospitals, clinics, and academic settings. 

Our MSN program will help you develop the research and evidence-based practice skills you need to be an effective leader and to create educational programs that engage and inspire students and colleagues alike.

You may also find yourself advocating for your profession before your local legislature or in the halls of Congress. Just as important, if promoting excellence across nursing is your passion, you’ll be doing something you love.

With your MSN, you will act as both mentor and role model to novice and experienced nurses alike – becoming a driving force in improving the training of nurse professionals and improving patient care.


Tuition & Fees

Tuition is charged based on the number of credits taken per semester.

MSN-Education: $738 per credit hour

You will also be charged a Program Fee and a Technology Fee each semester. In some semesters, you may be charged additional fees (such as simulation laboratory fees) that are associated with certain courses.

Estimated Program Fee: $375 per semester
Estimated Technology Fee: $150 per semester
Estimated Cost of Textbooks: $1500 per year

Other anticipated expenses for 2023-2024: 

Loan Fees: $216 
Housing and Food: $10,500
Books and Supplies: $1200 
Travel: $750 
Personal Expenses: $2250 

Financial Information

Personalized financial assistance is available through the financial aid office.

There may be opportunities for tuition discounts if you are an alum or employee of CentraCare. There are limited opportunities for graduate nursing assistantships that could reduce tuition cost. Please contact the graduate nursing program chair for more information about tuition discounts or the graduate nursing assistantship.

Who is this program for?

Will graduate courses transfer to a nursing doctoral program?

*The number and credits of graduate course transfers varies, but is usually limited.

Networking, Experience and Flexibility

FAQ for MSN Leadership and Education for Practice, 4+1 Option

Who is this program for?

What are the advantages to taking graduate courses in my senior year?

Cost savings.

*The number and credits of graduate course transfers varies, but is usually limited.

Networking, Experience and Flexibility

Can I still study abroad my senior year?