Short-Term Study Abroad Programs

CSB/SJU sponsors a large variety of short-term study abroad program options. Short term program types are summer, embedded, or global fellowship program. All these programs are for credit and take place over the academic year or summer and range from two to eight weeks in length. The programs change every year depending on faculty areas of interest.

Summer Programs:
Short-term study programs at CSB/SJU traditionally occur during the summer. These courses are independent of spring or fall semester classes. All of courses are offered for credit ranging from 2 to 8 CSB/SJU credits. Programs change from year to year. 

Embedded Courses:
An embedded course is defined at CSB/SJU as a credit bearing course that students will take as part of their semester course offerings. The embedded course will start during CD mod during the fall or spring semester and then have an international field component. A student enrolled in the course will need to complete all portions of the course to receive credit. Course offerings change from year to year.

Global Fellowship Programs:
The Global Fellowship Program is an independent international experiential learning program occurring during the summer. Depending on the program, students on these programs can complete an internship or a scientific research project. All students on these programs will need to complete the program for academic credit.