Why Study Global Business Leadership at CSB & SJU?

When you get a Global Business Leadership degree from CSB and SJU, you will have an unparalleled set of skills and leadership qualities to help you succeed in the 21 st-century business world. Our students gain the foundation to become inclusive leaders with vision, passion, and empathy in an increasingly globalized world, filling their role as effective and ethical citizens. You may choose from the following concentrations:

  • Marketing
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Nonprofit Management and Social Innovation
  • Self-directed Business Studies

You will also be prepared for transition. You will change jobs and careers multiple times throughout your professional life; our broad-based approach to business education helps foster successful transitions to new careers and new industries.

Program Overview

Our Global Business Leadership major offers students the ability to learn from diverse and international faculty who have solid academic and corporate experiences. As a student at CSB and SJU, you will have the opportunity to work alongside your professors in faculty-led research projects. Many Global Business Leadership students compete in national and international business competitions. These competitions help students showcase their skills, expand their network, and build an extensive resume while still in school.


Since business is at the core of our global economy, when you graduate with a degree in Global Business Leadership at CSB and SJU, the career options are endless.