Faculty and Staff

The faculty and staff of the College of Saint Benedict/Saint John’s University Education Department are committed to developing teacher candidates who, according to the “Teacher as Reflective Decision Maker” conceptual framework, will make professional decisions that help all students achieve their full potential as persons and as responsible world citizens in a democratic society. This commitment is supported by our departmental philosophy and mission statement.

Full-Time Faculty/Staff

Catherine Bohn-Gettler, Associate Professor
HAB 135
(320) 363-5087
[email protected]

Jeanne Cofell, Assistant Professor
HAB 102A
(320) 363-5104
[email protected]

Susan Cogdill, Assistant Professor
BAC 118A
(320) 363-5888
[email protected]

Shannon Essler-Petty, Assistant Professor
HAB 139
(320) 363-5919
[email protected]

Diana Fenton, Assistant Professor
HAB 127 D/E
(320) 363-5968
[email protected]

Kristi Hendricks, Adjunct Instructor
HAB 127B
[email protected]

Madeliene Israelson, Assistant Professor
HAB 137
[email protected]

Terry Johnson, Associate Professor and Department Chair
HAB 127 C/F
(320) 363-5155
[email protected]

Alicia Peters, Instructor
HAB 126B
(320) 363-5987
[email protected]

Terri Rodriguez, Associate Professor
HAB 134
(320) 363-5130
[email protected]

Lynn Schnettler, Instructor
HAB 138
(320) 363-5283
[email protected]

Allison Spenader, Associate Professor
HAB 136
(320) 363-5028
[email protected]

Part-Time Faculty

Luke Feierabend, Adjunct Instructor
(320) 363-5709

Jim Forsting, Adjunct Instructor
HAB 127A
(320) 363-5709

Pamela Immelman, Adjunct Instructor
(320) 363-5920
[email protected]

Mike Leach, Adjunct Instructor
(320) 363-5709

Carol Merriman, Adjunct Instructor
HAB 125

Matthew Siers, Adjunct Instructor
(320) 363-5709

Gretchen Starks-Martin, Adjunct Assistant Professor
HAB 126D
(320) 363-5787
[email protected]

Kari Weber, Adjunct Instructor
HAB 125
[email protected]

Full-Time Staff

Clarinda Solberg, Program Coordinator
HAB 125F
(320) 363-5508
[email protected]

Nancy Balfanz, Department Office Manager
HAB 125
[email protected]

Mark Mortrude, Education Advisor and Director of Partnerships
HAB 140
(320) 363-5309
[email protected]