Student Resources

The Education Department faculty and staff want to ensure teacher candidates have knowledge of resources available for personal, professional, and career counseling as well as academic support services.

Students complete their application to the Education Department during the semester in which they are enrolled in EDUC 212 or 213.

Application details:
Directions for students to purchase liability insurance and membership to Education Minnesota:
  1. Visit Membership & Benefits > Aspiring educator:
  2. Scroll down the page and click on “Online Application” for the student enrollment and renewal form.
  3. BE SURE to check the correct membership year below the “Check My Membership Status” box.
  4. Complete the form and follow the rest of the directions. The $28 fee can be paid by either credit card or debit card.
  5. You should receive a membership verification by email (which should take about five minutes or so).
  6. Refund/Rebate on liability insurance (after graduation):
    • Education Minnesota states that when you’re hired by a school district, Education Minnesota will pay you $20 for every year you’ve been a member as long as you have verification. For example, you purchased insurance from your First Year through Senior Year (4 years x $20) $80.00 will be refunded to you. All you have to do is save your membership verifications and be ready to present them. Find information to apply for a rebate of a portion of your dues under the heading “Dues”:

Background checks must be completed prior to any field experience where students will be in contact with minors. Any CSB+SJU student enrolled in a class with a field experience component will be required to complete background checks. Two types of background checks:

Education Club is a student-run organization for current education majors, minors and CSB+SJU students considering the department. Connect with them via Instagram at @CSBSJUEDCLUB.

Anticipated Expense



Total Estimated Cost

Professional Liability Insurance

Each academic year registered for clinical field experience or student teaching.

$29/academic year


Criminal Background Check

Prior to clinical field experience and student teaching. Valid for one to two years depending on school district.

Clinical field experience placements using CSB+SJU or ISD 742 background checks = $0; other district placements range form $20-$60)


Transportation to and from clinical field experiences and student teaching

Each academic year registered for clinical field experience or student teaching.



Teacher Performance Assessment Review and Scoring

During student teaching

$300 (covered by student fees)


Teaching License Application to MDE

Senior year (after graduation)

$90.25 Initial Licensure Fee


Lesson Plans:
Technology and software assistance available to all students at CSB and SJU:
Campus Resources:
How to file a complaint:
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Leah VanOverbeke
Department Coordinator