Table of Contents for Studio One

NOTE:  Digital issues are available in Digital Commons beginning with the 2012 issue.

Most of the print issues are available in the libraries; all of them are also located in the CSB and SJU Archives.  Contact the Archivist ([email protected]) to request copies/scans.

Studio One is a literary and visual arts publication that began in the spring of 1976.  It serves as a way for literary and visual artists to contribute their poetry, short stories, photographs, paintings, drawings, and other means of written or visual artwork.

Although the original funds for Studio One came from the CSB student government, submissions were not limited to the CSB/SJU community and contributions from beyond the campus are common and welcomed.

The first issue provides a brief introduction by the student editor, Claire Rossini, who states that the purpose of Studio One is “to support the members of our Minnesota community dedicated to [art], and to make their art available to those for whom it was made.”

Studio One was first published in May 1976.  It was originally published twice a year, in spring and fall, but since 1979 it has been an annual publication.  It was not published in 1981, but since 1982 it has been continually published each spring.

Over the years, there have been some issue-numbering discrepancies. The Spring 2000 edition, “volume 25,” was actually the 27th issue, numbering that has prevailed to the present. The Spring 2011 edition was published as the 34th volume, but it is actually the 36th when following the numbering system put into place in 2000.

2023 v. 47 – Editors Capri Potter and Hannah Weldon [online in Digital Commons]
2022 v. 46 – Editors Oliver Peterson and Hannah Weldon [online in Digital Commons]
2021 v. 45 – Editors Sarah Neve and Rachel Linhardt [online in Digital Commons]
2019 v. 44 – Editors Anna Garrison and Jherian Mitchell-Jones [online in Digital Commons]
2018 v. 43 – Editors Lauren Berg & Mollee Girgen [online in Digital Commons]
2017 v. 42
 – Editors William Harren & Lucas Giese [online in Digital Commons]
2016 v. 41
– Editors Laura Brandes & Tierney Chlan [online in Digital Commons]
2015 v. 40 – Editors Laura Brandes & Tierney Chlan [online in Digital Commons]
2014 v. 39 – Editors Nikki Orth & Dana Hicks [online in Digital Commons]
2013 v. 38 – Editors Isabel Pennings & Kelly Butorac [online in Digital Commons]
2012 v. 37 – Editors Isabel Pennings & Nikki Werner [online in Digital Commons]
2011 v. 36 (published as volume 34) – Editors Miles Johnson & Katya Karaz
2010 v. 35 – Editors Katya Karaz & Miles Johnson
2009 v. 34 – Editors Carrie Rogers & Katya Karaz
2008 v. 33 – Editors Sara Trent & Jennifer Mattson
2007 v. 32 – Editors Mary Dellenback & Erin Saupe
2006 v. 31 – Editors Megan Fillipi & Billy Graves
2005 v. 30 – Editors Carrie Kolles & Joe Wenker
2004 v. 29 – Editor Susan Schulzentenberg
2003 v. 28 – Editor Jill Lorenzini
2002 v. 27 – Editor Mary Frandson
2001 v. 26 – Editors Joe Sinness, Mary Frandson & Jenn Elliott
2000 Spring v. 25 (27th, actually) -Editors Katie Neunsinger & Joe Sinness
1999 Spring – Editors Barbara Olson, Brenda R. Dukerschein & Katie Neunsinger
1998 Spring – Editors Jodi Engle & Barbara Olson
1997 Spring – Editors M. Colleen Willenbring & Jodi Engle
1996 Spring – Editors Beth White & M. Colleen Willenbring
1995 Spring – Editors Grace Ryan & Beth White
1994 Spring – Editors Timothy Jennrich, Julie Jasken & Grace Ryan
1993 Spring – Editors Jennifer A. Coe & Julianne Jasken
1992 Spring – Editors Reba Mathern & Kirsten DeVries
1991 Spring – Editors Jill Schlick & Tim Pehl
1990 Spring – Editors Terri J. McCargar & Michael Schroeder
1989 Spring – Editors Daniel Hotz & Sarah Welshons
1988 Spring – Editors John Gimpl & Janet Hulm
1987 Spring – Editors Catherine Geenen & Anthony Vigil
1986 Spring – Editors Kathryn Campbell & Scott T. Durocher
1985 Spring – Editors Becky Pagel & Maren Riehle
1984 Spring – Editors Gina Gagliardi & Becky Pagel
1983 Spring – Editors Mary Foslid & Linda Paulson
1982 Spring – Editors Cindy Corcoran & Therese Stallings
1981 not published
1980  – Editors Pam Ruff & Leslie Sinner
1979 Spring  – Editors Randy Krzmarzick & Caroline Stalboerger
1978 Fall – Editors Colette LaFond & Pam Meyer
1978 Spring – Editors Holly Dierkhising & Paul Weber
1977 Fall – Editors Mary Hark & Sheila Hart
1977 Spring – Editors Don Donahugh & Adelaide Trettel
1976 Winter – Editor Clare Rossini
1976 Spring – Editor Clare Rossini

2014-   Volume 39-

Beginning with the 2014 issue, Tables of Contents will no longer be noted here, since the entire publication is available online in  Digital Commons.

2013 Volume 38

Editors-in-Chief: Isabel Pennings and Kelly Butorac

Cover Art: by Laura Posthumus, CSB ’15

“Harvest” by James Magorian (photo by Laura Posthumus, CSB ’15), p. 4
“Imprints on the Building” by Valentina Cano, p. 5
“Chauvet Cav”e by Jolene Brink, p. 6
“Chef” by Robert Joe Stout, p. 8
“The Implications of Washing Dishes” by Larry Schug, p. 9
“Conjured Bass” by Derek Otsuji (photo by Wan Dee Xiong, CSB ’16), p. 10
“The Moon the Water and the Land” by Michael Morris, p. 11
“Sire of Strays” by Rick Rauch, p. 12
“Gas Station Cat” by Dolores Guglielmos, p. 14
“Breakdown of the Truckdriver” by Arthur Gottlieb, p. 16
“A Saffron Moon” by David Sapp, p. 19   “Nights of Hurricane Sandy” by Saul Zachary, p. 21
“Sign Language” by Jill Lorenzini, p. 22
“When Love Works” by Sean Lause, p. 23
“Was it Julie?” By William Jolliff, p. 26
“In a Blizzard” by John Lavitt, p. 27
“Idiomatic Eclogue” by Scott Miller, p. 29
“Hazards and Perils” by Arthur Gottlieb, p. 30
“My Fathers’ Hands” by Sean Lause, p. 32
“The Wall” by C. David Hay, p. 34
“A Heart That Dances” by William Jolliff, p.36
“Purple Dress with Flowers” by Saul Zachary, p.37
“Mallets Bay” by Lyn Lyfshin, p.39
“Ring of Fire” by Saul Zachary, p.40
“It Happens Like This” by Carol Bell, p. 41

“Shoes by Julia Segeleon”, CSB ’13, p. 44
“Misunderstood: The Innocence of War” by Alyssa Brown, CSB ’13, p. 47

Wagner-Berger Prize Winner for Excellence in Creative Writing
“Through Windows” by Tierney Chlan, p. 51

“Awaken the Divine Presence” by James McLean, SJU ’14, p. 7
Photo by Laura Posthumus, CSB ’15, p. 13
Photo by Melissa Bradley, CSB ’13, p. 18
Photo by Wan De Xiong, CSB ’16, p. 20
Artwork by Ana Nugent, CSB ’14, p. 25
Photo by Wan Dee Xiong, CSB ’16, p. 28
“Father Fintan” by Brother Peter Sullivan, OSB, p. 31
“Brother George” by Brother Peter Sullivan, OSB, p.35
Photo by Melissa Bradley, CSB ’13, p.38
Artwork by Edwards Mielke, SJU ’13, p. 42

2012 Volume 37

Editors-in-Chief: Isabel Pennings and Nikki Werner

Cover Art: “Into the Light” by Kellen Witshen

“Bleeding Heart” by Gary Blankenburg, p. 4
“Controlling Time” by Ray Greeblatt, p. 5
“It’s Tricky to Think of Someone You Love as Dead” by Barbara Tramonte, p. 6
“The Choices” by Valentina Cano, p. 7
“The Country Seat” by John Abbot, p. 8
“Half to Blame” by Jed Myers, p. 9
“Man Walked” by Ariel Klein, p. 10
“In Praise of Iceberg Lettuce” by Peter Harris, p. 12
“Mea Culpa” by Russel Rowland, p. 13
“Bakersfield Teen” by Mark Miller, p. 14
“Choose Your Own Adventure” by Dustin Junkert, p. 15
“Army Men” by David Sapp, p. 16
“When We Collected Fireflies” by Alana Mahaffey, p. 18
“Comet Racer” by Dolores Guglielmo, p. 20
“The Simple Things” by Ted Kain, p. 21
“Being Jewish” by Lyn Lifshin, p. 22
“You Were a Storm” by Aimee Hein, p. 24
“Mercy Café” by Kate Asche, p. 25
“Lost is Not a Place” by Doris Ferleger, p. 26
“Wabi-Sabi” by Megan Deutschman, p. 27
“Nude Modeling” by Larry Schug, p. 28
“Vacating” by Peter Layton, p. 29
“Imparting” by Peter Harris, p. 30
“An End” by Joey Hillesheim, p. 31

“Bee’s in the Night” by Melissa Hendrickx, p. 34

Wagner-Berger Prize Winner for Excellence in Creative Writing:
“Lub Ntuj Tshiab (Under a New Sky)” by Kia M. Lor, p. 42

“Played, Not Heard” by Kirsten Peterson, p. 50
“Butterfly” by Rachel Oveson, p. 51
“Whimsy” by Laura Posthumus, p. 52
“The First Frost” by Kellen Witshen, p. 53
“Snail Love” by Kirsten Peterson, p. 54
“Adorable Kittens Behind Table” by Patrick Carr, p. 55
“Underwater” by Melissa Bradley, p. 56
“Seattle at Sunset” by Melissa Bradley, p. 57
“Puddle Reflection of St. Louis Priory” by Patrick Carr, p. 58

2011 Volume 36

Editors-in-Chief: Miles Johnson & Katya Karaz

Cover Art: Jump, by Jim Fuss

“Moonrise, Hernanez, New Mexico 1941” by Lyn Lifshin, p. 2
“The Wall” by Rose Black, p. 3
“Three Ways of Looking at the Sky” by Robert Guard, p. 4
“Sunset on Gaila’s (Gayla’s) Back Porch” by Christine Hope Starr, p. 6
“My schizo friend comes to me because” by Fritz Hamilton, p. 8
“Finding a Place to Live” by Toni L. Wilkes, p. 10
“Crimea” by Andrey Gritsman, p. 11
“Another American Childhood” by Jay Carlson, p. 12
“‘Sometimes, Autistic People Take Things Literally'” by Emmet Doyle, p. 13
“A Little Something About the World’s Largest Ball of Twine” by Bill Meissner, p. 14
“Imagining my Mother as a Young Girl” by Lyn Lifshin, p. 16
“Tiger on the Wall” by Joe Watts, p. 17
“Shadow Thief” by Deborah George, p. 18
“On Marriage” by Teresa Sutton, p. 19
“Rings” by Rochelle Jewel Shapiro, p. 21
“Autonomous Son” by Michael Sander, p. 23
“The Weight of It” by Janice Wilson Stridick, p. 24

“Staying Alive” by Vivian Lawry, p. 25
“The Dove Lover” by Joe Woodward, p. 29

Wagner-Berger Prize Winner for Excellence in Creative Writing:
“Perfect Cadence” by Kelsey Daly, p. 34

2010 Volume 35

Editors-in-Chief: Katya Karaz & Miles Johnson

Cover Art:EarthTurn by Sarah Mahowald
Interview with Jessica Harkins
Featured Poems: The Boats, Surfacing

“Hoedown Caller” by William Joliff, p. 18
“Gigolo” by Dawnell Harrison, p. 19
“Love and the Potato” by Megan Gensler, p. 20
“Hung Over” by Russell Rowland, p. 22
“Upon my Sudden Awakening” by Dennis Herrell, p. 24
‘Inside Virginia’s House” by Donna L. Emerson
“Almost all I Know About Cousin Otto” by Michael Salcman, p. 26
“On a Decree Concerning…” by Michael Salcman, p. 28
“Layoff” by Richard Bentley, p. 30
“Landlocked” by Richard Bentley, p. 31
“Few Words” by Erica Rosi, p. 32
“Dragons” by Erica Rosi, p. 34
“Kopanisti” by John Tustin, p. 36
“Your dog will run off into the woods, and he will die” by Andrew Howes, p. 37

“Peace” by Kirsten Peterson, p. 41
“Pilsner Glasses” by Joel Cherrico, p. 42
“Grandma’s Wood Platform” by Caitlin Hill, p. 43
“Kayaking” by Sarah Sorenson, p. 44
“Untitled” by Madeline Page, p. 45
“N, RR” by Paula Traut, p. 46
“Natural Imperfections” by Michael Radtke, p. 47
“Sunset Over Nafplio” by Brita Theilen, p. 48

“American Hellion” by Kyle Ellingson, p. 50
“The Plight of a Lefty” by Kate Rickert, p. 52
“Vessel” Donna L. Emerson, p. 56
“Winning Numbers” Melissa Hendrickx, p. 59

Wagner-Berger Winner:
“Ruins” by Megan Mills-Rittmann, p. 63

2009 Volume 34

Editors-in-Chief: Carrie Rogers & Katya Karaz

Featured Poet:Bill Meissner
Interview, p. 2
Spirits in the Grass: Excerpt, p. 9
My Father, The Contortionist, p. 12

“Eden” by Mary Catherine Mohr, p.16
“Fat Man’s Mantle by Linda Woolven, P.17
“Grasshopper” by K.S. Hardy, p. 19
“Near Love” by Judith Ann Levison, p. 20
“Dangerous Dreams” by Fredrick Zydek, p.21
“Five Madonnas” by Dolores Guglielmo, p. 24
“Cumbersome” by Paul Watsky, p. 27
“Bookstore Comic Relief” by Jim Brearton, p. 28
“Blue Cocoon” by Katherine Dickinson, p. 29
“The Inner Monologue of a Sick Person” by Nikc Kurtz, p. 30
“My Neighbor” by Lowell Jaerger, p. 32
“Games” by Ashlee June Dent, p. 34
“Doll Speak” by Elyse Rethalke, p. 35
“Be Back in an Hour or So” by Amy Saxon Bosworth, p. 37
“14” by Holly Day, p. 39
“Yeats Was Wrong” by Mary Catherine Mohr, p. 44
“Pipes” by David Rogers, p. 46
“Death Commutes” by Mary Catherine Mohr, p. 48
“Gaylord/Lord Ganesh” by Gaylord Brewer, p. 51
“Hashim” by Tim Applegate, p. 53
“Gray Bob at Work” by Karen R. Porterp, p. 55
“Red Robin Statue” by Kevin Leal, p. 56
“Balloons” by Dolores Guglielmo, p. 57
“The Sleepwalkter” by William Freedman, p. 59

Indifference by Emily Persichettie, p. 62
In Through the Nose and out Through the Mouth by Adam Wander, p. 65
The Jozovich House by Colin Cote, p. 72
Hand in Hand by Joan Spring, p. 77

Wagner-Berger Prize Winner for Excellence in Creative Writing:
Culinary Therapy by Melissa Hendickx, p. 82

“Formless Void” by Andrew Julo, cover
“Untitled” by Jennifer Birkhofer, p. 22
“El Misterio del Ritmo” by Cassandra Price, p. 23
“Black and White Photograph” by Jolene Brink, p. 31
“Chicago Skyline” by Brooke Miller, p. 40
“Steve” by Patrick Carr, p. 41
“Riding” by Brooke Miller, p. 42
“The Sculptor” by Patrick Carr, p. 43
“Eye Series” by Jennifer Birkhofer, p. 47
“Lilly Pads” by Katerine Hendrickx, p. 54
“Study of a Cow” by Patrick Carr, p. 64
“Strawbale” by Aremy Mccann, p. 71
“Defeated” by Katherine Hendrickx, p. 75

2008 Volume 33

Editors-in-Chief: Sara Trent & Jennifer Mattson

“Epitaph” by Marvin Adelson, p. 6
“Penelope’s Lover” by David Rogers, p. 13
“The Tattooed Ones” by Bill Meissner, p.16
“Foreclosed” by Mahdy Y. Khaiyat, p. 17
“Tanja” by Thomas Kimmel, p. 19
“Buried With Their Horses” by Christian Knoeller, p. 21
“Cobbosseecontee” by Mark Smith, p. 23
“Frozen Fish” by Robert W. Cosgriff, p. 25
“Graffitti” by Steve De Moss, p. 27
“Devil’s Den” by George Young, p. 29
“Burning” by Russel Rowland, p. 31
“Amerisuites Room 552” by Bryan Mitschell, p. 33
“The Tongue” by Rose Black, p. 41
“Drawn Out” by Laurie Patton, p. 49
“Shi-Tzu” by Russell Rowland, p. 51
“Combustible Comestibles” by Mary Dellenbach, p. 52
“The Gift” by Sean Lause, p. 53
“A Boy with Polio After Reading Homer” by Edward G. Eberhard, p. 59

“The Depth of Holes” by Jeff Davis, p. 33
“The Dead Boy” by Reese Mankenberg, p. 42
“Signs” by Gary McLouth, p. 54

“Gemini” photographed by Sophouen Chhin, Cover
“Luz gotica” photographed by Mary Dellenbach, p. 18
Untitled photograph by Maria Conroy, p. 20
“Flying” photographed by Sara Trent, p. 22
“Three Tulips” photographed by Alexander Johnson, p. 24
“MG Mark II Interior” by Paula Traut, p. 26
Untitled photograph by Meghan Chirpich
“Flask” by Paula Traut, p. 30
“The Melancholy Chapel” photographed by Michael Radtke, p. 32
“Fallen Leaf” photographed by Jessica Handwerk, Back-Cover

Wagner-Berger Prize Winner for Excellence in Creative Writing:
“A Slovakian Fifty” by Elyse Rethlake, p. 7

Featured Poet: Tracy K. Smith
Interview, p. 61
“Reflections on Duende” by Tracy K. Smith, p. 62
“Duende” by Tracy K. Smith, p. 65

2007 Volume 32

Editors-in-Chief: Mary Dellenbach & Erin Saupe

Studio One Interview with Charles Simic, p. 10
“El Libro de la Sexualidad” by Charles Simic, p. 15
“Clouds Gathering” by Charles Simic, p. 16
“The time of minor poets” by Charles Simic, p. 17

“Innocence” by Kelly Prosen, p. 18
“I raked the last of them while listening to the news radio” by Katie Hoffman, p. 19
“A Soul’s Gray Pillars” by Barry Ballard, p. 20
“Morning Rush in Euston Station” by Jim Kerbaugh, p. 21
“Time Keeping” by Doug Bolling, p. 22
“Baby Sister” by Susanna Rich, p. 24
“No Smoke, No Light” by Carol Frith, p. 25
“The Freudian Code” by Diane Shipley DeCillis, p. 26
“Dead Metaphor #2: Clouds” by Gaylord Brewer, p. 29
“How to Survive the Century” by Jolene Brink, p. 30
“Black? What Is That?” by Simon Fortune, p. 38
“Burger Days” by Greg Moglia, p. 50
“The Night Elvis Swallowed His Rosary” by Bill Meissner, p. 52
“Choking on a Candy Heart” by Paul Storm, p. 54
“Space Monkey” by Paul Storm, p. 57
“The Cellist” by Perie Longo, p. 60
“Divination” by Marilyn Ringer, p. 62
“Katrina” by Daniel Polikoff, p. 64
“The Weeds are White” by John Marvin, p. 66
“seeing is believing” by Jessie Johnson, p. 68
“Press Pound for More Options” by Corey Busch, p. 70
“Shannon Olson’s Unfinished Beer” by Matt Mareck, p. 73

“Alcuin Library” by Zach Mathern, p. 32
“cat” by Zach Mathern, p. 33
“Ladybug” by Scott Mathern-Jacobson, p. 34
“Fish” by Erin Saupe, p. 35
“kiln god” by Aimee Tessar, p. 36
“The Clown” by Alexander Johnson, p. 37
“Veggie Rhino” by Rebecca Schulz, p. 46
“Paramount Theater, St. Cloud” by Dr. James Poff, p. 47
“Saul-Sepia” by Cassandra Price, p. 48
“Charcoal 14X17″ by Cassandra Price, p. 49

Wagner-Berger Fiction Prize-Winner:
“The Calm Before” by Rachel Peterson, p. 41

“The Trolley Barn” by Don Dewey, p. 75

Cover Art:
“une vue differente” by Kathryn Bontjes

2006 Volume 31

Editors-in-Chief: Megan Fillipi & Billy Graves

Studio One Interview with Robert Hass, p. 10

“07/25/05 9:07 PM” by Kelly Prosen, p. 18
“12/1/04″ by Kelly Prosen, p. 19
“The Letter I will Never Send to Paul – with thanks to Christopher Reeves and Richard Hugo” by Toby Emert, p. 20
“Sanctuary” by Ann McGovern, p. 21
“Advice” by Arnold Yasinski, p. 22
“The Whistle of a Train” by Elizabeth Dingmann, p. 24
“For a Friend” by Tobin Simon, p. 29
“Aftermath, or Poetry as Echo” by Ryann Van Clemson, p. 30
“Delicious Days” by Emily Stenberg, p. 32
“Champagne” by Michelle Brooks, p. 37
“Big Game” by Mary Dellenbach, p. 38
“Rumi by Moonlight” by Mary Dellenbach, p. 40
“Weather Report” by Rich Luftig, p. 52
“Ojo de Dios” by Russell Rowland, p. 59
“Our Lady of Perpetual help” by Russell Rowland, p. 60
“The Lollipop Kid” by Dolores Guglielmo, p. 62
“Celebrity Cut & Paste” by Leah Browning, p. 64
“Thematically Speaking, Colonialism is a lot tourism – with appreciation to Jamaica”Kincaid” by Toby Emert, p. 66
“admitting momma into the nursing home” by Kenneth H. French, p. 80
“It Was Me!” by C. L. Loudermelt, p. 81
“Little Christmas” by Joan Rudel, p. 82
“Meditation on Two Sounds” by Patrick Frank, p. 84
“Sew or Suture” by Grace Brogan, p. 85

“Night Blooming” by Laura Hogan, p. 25
“Reunion” by Richard Dokey, p. 41
“A Warm Blanket” by Reese Mankemberg, p. 68
“The Devil and the Dentist” by Carrie Rogers, p. 86

“Love” by Megan Groneberg, p. 33
“a red rocket affair” by Chelsea Korth, p. 34
“bathroom faucet” by Chelsea Korth, p. 53
“the umbrella complex” by Chelsea Korth, p. 54
“Aurora Awakening” by James Poff, p. 35
“Before the Storm” by Jessica Handwerk, p. 36
“Daisies” by Jessica Handwerk, p. 55
“An eye’s view” by John Nelson, p. 56
“Lady 2″ by Joseph Sass, P. 57
“Subtle Differences” by Kathleen Swart, p. 58

Cover Art:
“Atropos” by Joe Iverson

2005 Volume 30

Editors-in-Chief: Carrie Kolles & Joe Wenker

“Family Ties: The Father in the Mirror” by Bill Meissner, p. 8
“The Black Writer”, by Allison Whittenberg, p. 10
“Passages” by Leah Browning, p. 11
“Annie, on a Summer Afternoon” by Leah Browning, p. 12
“Unittled” by Frederick Davis, p. 13
“Barbie” by Deidre Da Silva, p. 14
“Underwater” by Kathryn Gahl, p. 16
“A Step Back From Eternity” by John Grey, p. 18
“My Sister and I” by Tony Cappechi, p. 19
“After the Ragged Robes Got Him Kicked out of Church” by Shad Harrington, p. 20
“Coats of Many Colors” by Barry Ballard, p. 21
“Blinking on the Third Floor of the Quad One Day” by Tom Steingraeber, p. 22
“Disapproval” by Tanya Rucosky Noakes, p. 24
“The Guardians” by Alice Pero, p. 25
“What Metters” by Mary Willette Hughes, p. 26
“Migration” by Daniel John, p. 28
“Sacrifice” by Larry Schug, p. 29
“Grief” by Colleen Powderly, p. 30
“Life and Death” by Paul Sohan, p. 31
“How I learned to Call Collect, February 1976″ by Lori Kagan, p. 32
“Marriage” by Daniel John, p. 33
“The Writing of Names” by Ward Kelley, p. 34
“Dissection” by Mary Dellenbach, p. 35
“Moving” by Ann McGovern, p. 36
“Two Dollar Birthday” by Gerald Zipper, p. 37
“The Meaning of Life” by Dane Cervine, p. 38
“Suessian” by Jake Vos, p. 39
“34th Meditation: Flapping the sheets” by Frederick Zydek, p. 40
“Eclipse for Two” by Dorothy Stroud, p. 42
“Butterfly” by Larry Schug, p. 43
“Poem#5 From the Book of the Fearless Age of the American Automobile” by Kenneth DiMaggio, p. 44

Visual Art:
“Y-Feather” by Eli Becker, p. 48
“Remembrance: A perennial Laden Thoroughfare” by Theresa Guentzel, p. 49
“Sculpture” by Marian Studer, p. 50
“Reflecting” by Bradlee Arendt, p. 51
“Saying Goodbye” by Joseph Federer, p. 52
“Sweden” by J. Zach Vertin, p. 53
“Writing Her Story” by James Poff, p. 54
“Prairie Sunset” by James Poff, p. 55

Artist Interview: Matt Callahan, p. 58
“Turtle Soup” by Matt Callahan, p. 61
“Sunburn” by Helen Rafferty, p. 65
“Cornucopia of Canned Hash” by Joe Canzano, p. 71
“Defiance” by Sean Dwyer, p. 76
“Pyewackett” by Charles Edward Brooks, p. 83
“First Blood” by Tessa Smith McGovern, p. 89

Wagner-Berger Memorial Prize for Excellence in Creative Writing:
“All This Will Fall Down” by Rachel Williams, p. 92

2004 Volume 29

Editor-in-Chief: Susan Schulzentenberg
Tracy K. Smith
Interview by Amy Schwarz, p. 6-10
Credulity, p. 11
A Hunger So Honed, p. 12-13

James Hendershot
Interview by Susan Schulzetenberg, p. 40-41
Dining Car, p. 42
Figure in Landscape, p. 43

“Every Story is Mine” by Dane Cervine, p. 1
“Kilmainham Jail” by Maria Capecchi, p. 2
“Coloring Outside the Lines” by Gene Fehler, p. 3
“A Good Dying” by Steve Larson, p. 4
“The Seed” by Dane Cervine, p. 5
“Language Lesson” by Carol Booth, p. 14
“Filling an Island” by Barry Ballard, p. 15-16
“Collegeville Winter” by Gerard McMahon, p. 22
“The Parting” by Michael Zack, p. 23
“In the Dark House” by Kyhl Lyngaard, p. 24-25
“Grandma Bea Brushing Her Hair” by Leah Browning Laker, p. 26
“Products of the War” by Melissa Leeper, p. 28-29
“Phobias” by Laurel S. Peterson, p. 32-33
“Calla Lilies” by Alexander Chertok, p. 36-37
“Silhouettes” by Linda Bosson, p. 45
“Almost Sister” by Karyna McGlynn, p. 46
“The Light in the Kitchen” by Joe Benevento, p. 62-63
“Lying on the Ground Next to Oak Creek” by Sid Miller, p. 64
Short Stories:
“Lake Superior” by Rachel Williams, p. 47-51
“Rhodia” by Penny Susan Rose, p. 17-21
“Angry Fish” by Stephen Young, p. 53-60

Visual Art:
“Untitled” by Amy Sack, p.27
“Assos Acropolis” by Daniella Zsupan, p. 30
“Untitled” by Marian Studer, p. 31
“Avion (como vivir sin amar)”, by Frank Verdeja, p. 34
“Untitled” by Nick Howard, p. 35
“Chairs” by Joe Sinness, p. 38
“Waiting to Begin” by Jim Poff, p. 39
“College”, by matthew Blum, p. 52

2003 Volume 28

Editor-in-Chief: Jill Lorenzini

“Is it Artists Then by Anette Brophy, OSB, p. 1
“Insomia” by Leah Browning, p. 2
“What the Water Wants” by Arthur Gottlieb, p. 4
“Dying for Flowers” by Yuki Taniguchi, p. 12
“Another War” by Yuki Taniguchi, p. 13
“Yellow Poems” by Yuki Taniguchi, p. 14
“Winter Race” by Yuki Taniguchi, p. 16
“After Watching Children Climb Trees” by Fredrik Zydek, p. 26
“Still Life with Frost and Poplar” by Marjorie Power, p. 28
“Parable” by Kenneth O’Keefe, p. 29
“Dance of the Ripples” by Bill Meissner, p. 32
“Before Galileo” by Davis Sapp, p. 36
“When the Planes Turned” by David Sapp, p. 44
“Bethlehem” by David Sapp, p. 46
“Heart Strings” by Maria Capecchi, p. 53
“The Pallbearer” by Lamenthe Westt, p. 59
“Hierarchy of the Homeless” by Amanda Schmitz, p. 61
“White Gash” by Thomas M. Kain, p. 62
“Free Market” by Thomas M. Kain, p. 64

Visual Arts:
“Wooden Steps” by Erin Gregory, p. 27
“Something Larger than Herself” by Lisa Cotton, p. 30
“Las Montanas” by Sarah Tuka, p. 31
Untitled by Joseph P. Morrissey, p. 34
“Morning Coffee” by Alida Fischer, p. 35
“Swirl Vases” by Zachary Spates, p. 38
“Fox” by Anette Brophy OSB,p. 42
Untitled by Erin Metz, p. 52

“After the Fact” by Angela Jackson, p. 17
“Fingers like Her Mother’s” by Kelly Cheeley, p. 47
“The Untouched White” by Katie Benson, p. 54

Interview with Yuki Tanguchi, p. 6
Interview of Anette Brophy, p. 40

2002 Volume 27

Editor-in-Chief: Mary Frandson

“Poems Live in my House” by Lisa Cotton, p. 1
“American Image” by L. W. Goldberg, p. 2
“Skeleton” by Barry Ballard, p. 11
“The Thought Occurred to Me” by Franz Young, p. 19
“Before Light” by Edward Locke, p. 21
“Portland, Oregon” by Rachel Castor, p. 23
“Before my Morning Paper Route” by Josh McKernan, p. 24
“Lamentation for the Loss” by Joseph Sinness, p. 26
“Wake” by Russell Rowland, p. 28
“Revealed Religion” by Russell Rowland, p. 29
“As if it didn’t Belong” by Kate Lucas, p. 32
“Ballad of the Brassieres” by Lindsay A. Timmington, p. 33
“India” by Jill Lorenzini, p. 36
“Brought into Being” by Rachel Castor, p. 41
“Before I Left” by Jarrett Lundquist, p. 48
“Eyelashes Spider Her Cheeks” by Rodney Torresson, p. 51
“We Walked the Street” by Gerald Zipper, p. 55
“Repose” by Amanda Schmitz, p. 61
“Everest” by Barry Ballard, p. 63

Visual Arts:
“Layered by Race: A Social Formation” by Monica Haller, p. 18
“Heywood, Motorcycle Mechanic” by Robert Wilde, p. 22
“James, Grandson of Nino” by Robert Wilde, p. 25
“Black Study” by Erin Metz, p. 27
“Still Life with Bottles” by Melinda Knutzen, p. 30
“Nude on Blue” by Lisa Cotton, p. 31
“Swirl Cups” by Zachary Spates, p. 34
“Circle Vase” by Zachary Spates, p. 35
“A Child I was; Purple I Will Remain” by Jessica Barnd, p. 38
Untitled by Melinda Knutzen, p. 39
“Tamara Day Lempicka” by Denise Hartley, p. 40
“Fireflies at Midnight” by Eric Holmgren, p. 50
“Two Views” by Lisa Cotton, p. 56

“My Own Skin” by Mary Stein, p. 12
“Father Figure” by Benjamin Roselius, p. 52
“One Minute” by Emily Holt, p. 57

Interview with Lawrence Sutin, p. 4
Interview with Denny Carlson, p. 42

2001 Volume 26 (Note: Spine has 2000 date, cover has 2001.)

Editors: Joe Sinness, Mary Frandson & Jenn Elliott

“The Fiddler” by Ellen C. Goldberg, p. 1
“Winter” by David Sapp, p. 5
“Color Me Love” by Dane Cervine, p. 8
“Pig Bank” by Nathaniel Leis, p. 10
“Rosary Bead” by Edard Michael O’Durr Supranowicz, p. 11
“96″ by Simon Perchik, p. 12
“Celebrity” by Shoshauna Shy, p. 13
“Ode to the Tights” by Lindsay A. Timmington, p. 24
“Bela” by Stephanie G. Frerich, p. 25
“Unkle Tolbert” by Franz Young, p. 28
“This is Violet” by B. Z. Niditch, p. 29
“Doughnut Sonnet No. 2″ by Stephanie Scarborough, p. 32
“Climbing Trees” by Frederick Zydek, p. 33
“The Art of Browsing” by Michael S. Smith, p. 36
Untitled by Nathan Gottfried, p. 40
“Aurora Borealis” by Mary Willette Hughes, p. 41
“The Ghost Dancers” by Mike Catalano, p. 43
“Trinity” by Larry Shug, p. 44
“At the Anesthetist’s Convention” by Virgil Suarez, p. 45
“To Stella Maris” by Emily Holt, p. 47
“By the Road” by Pamela Bond, p. 55
“Turning Hydrogen Into God” by Diane Westergaard, p. 56
“Will Death be Like This” by Mary Willette Hughes, p. 58
“No Rain in Sight” by Philip A. Waterhouse, p. 59
“One Kiss, One Train” by John Grey, p. 64
“Fall” by Liz Robbins, p. 65
“Art” by Marie Rickmyer, p. 66

Visual Art:
Untitled by Amy Praught, p. 6
“To the Touch” by Alicia Koenig, p. 7
“Rodolfo Y Amigo” by Robert Wilde, p. 14
“Piccadilly Circus” by Sarah Olsen, p. 15
“Mykal” by Michael Murray, p. 23
“At Home with Bryan on my Birthday” by Erin Gleeson, p. 27
“Eden” by Erin Metz, p. 30
“Young Sinatra” by Andy Grams,p. 31
“Metropolis” by Erin Metz, p. 34
“Self Portrait” by Jeremy Wiens, p. 38
“Mastication, Hot Dog” by Erin Gleeson, p. 39
“Thunderstorm over Eastern Colorado” by Jenn Elliot, p. 42
“Michael Stipe” by Bess Heyer, p. 46
“Addiction II” by Kelly O’Neill, p. 60

“Conspirators” by Page Hodgen, p. 16
“Escape” by Kelly Unger, p. 48
“Picking Up Bernice” by Tom Lewandowski, p. 61

Interview with Wang Ping, p. 2

Spring 2000 Volume 25 (This was actually the 27th ed., not the 25th.)

Editors: Katie Neunsinger & Joe Sinness

“Dairy Queen Gossips” by Mary Willette Hughes, p. 1
“Tubes” by Donald Hall, p. 4
“Wal-mart” by Donald Hall, p. 7
“No Fine China” by Jean A. Kiser, p. 8
“Advice in Two Stanzas” by Colin Peterson, p. 9
“Free memory for the Taking” by Kelli Hallsten, p. 10
“Doggie Hall” by Cynthia Warren Leffner, p. 16
“Celestial Swan” by Ryan G. Van Cleave, p. 19
“Europeans Wear Tight pants” by Nicole Kluzak, p. 21
“The New Hope” by Ray Greenblatt, p. 22
“Ivy in the Shadow of the Bloom” by Ben Mitchel, p. 24
“My father’s Closet” by Bill Meissner, p. 25
“She Belongs to the Earth Mother Union” by Edward Michael O’Durr Supranowicz, p. 26
“You Must Remember This” by Delores Guglielmo, p. 28
“Photograph 1946″ by Keri Phillips, p. 32
“The Light Looks Like it Might Be Worth” by James Doyle, p. 36
“Paperclips” by Larry Shug, p. 40
“After Mass” by D. David Sapp, p. 41
“The Food is Spicy in Sichuan” by Katie Neunsinger, p. 43
“Flower” by Katie Neunsinger, p. 44
“Looking for Lisa” by Mike Catalano, p. 46
“Compass Points” by Ed Miller, p. 47
“A Spill” by Mike Sersch, p. 49
“DW Titus” by Franz Young, p. 65
“A Grand Entrance” by Robert Cooperman, p. 66
“Banana Workers” by William Kelly, p. 67
“Dance of the Ripples” by Bill Meissner, p. 72
“Regarding the Moon” by Adam Halbur, p. 73
“Zapper” by Vigil Suarez, p. 74
“Eulogy” by Nancy Overcott, p. 76
Untitled by David J. Rujjo, p. 78
“I Made you a Quilt” by john Solomon, p. 79

Visual Art:
Untitled 1&2 by Liz Zurek, p. 20
“Where Flows my Hair?” by Andrea Terhaar, p. 27
“Colored on the Inside” by Kate Rosenberg, p. 30
“Fragaria” by Kari Recker, p. 31
“Energy” by Jennifer Anderson, cover
“Landscape 1″ by Jennifer Anderson, p. 34
“Milkstand” by Susanna Yoemans, p. 35
“Fire Jar” by Wendy Fugelstad, p. 38
“Elemental” by Wendy Fugelstad, p. 39
“Brutus” by Susanna Yoemans, p. 42
“Nature of Man” by Sarah Browne, p. 48
“Chernobyl Children” by Erin Gleeson, p. 64
“Study of Solitude” by Kelly O’Neill, p. 71

“On the Magnificence of Clouds” by Elizebeth Marsh, p. 12
“Misplaced Persons” by Keri Phillips, p. 50
“Echo” by Jake Krotzer, p. 68

Interview with Donald Hall, p. 2

Spring 1999

Editors: Barbara Olson, Brenda R. Dukerschein & Katie Neunsinger

“Letter to Mother” by William Kelly, p. 1
“Night Driving – The Great Plains” by Larry Shug, p. 2
“Mistaken Identity” by Tony Hoagland, p. 6
“Candlelight” by Tony Hoagland, p. 8
“History of Desire” by Tony Hoagland, p. 10
“Welder’s Apprentice” by William Hart, p. 12
“Apron” by Tom Baer, p. 14
“De Haberlo Sabido” by Sheri Coudron, p. 15
“Powerful Weaponry” by Katie Neunsinger, p. 16
“Dutiful Daughter” by Jennifer Bloch, p. 18
“(Ode to a Beauty – of a Car …)” by Franz Young, p. 19
“Stalling in a New Car Near the High School” by Bill Meissner, p. 20
“God” by Elizabeth Mohanna, p. 21
“A Tibetan Boy in Barkor, Lhasa” by Natalie weber, p. 22
“Quantum Theory – Part 1: Light” by Ray Greenblatt, p. 24
“Eligiac and Overcome” by David Evan Schomaker, p. 26
“Open to All” by Kenneth Pobo, p. 28
“The Marriage” by James Doyle, p. 29
“The Tattooed Man” by Amy Lacrosse, p. 32
“Remedy” by Emily Holt, p. 36
“Yesterday I ran into time” by Anne Blonstein, p. 37
“A Woman’s Love” by Jennifer Bloch, p. 40
“Poppies” by Brenda R. Dukerschein, p. 41
“Five Months Later” by Hans Weyandt, p. 43
“Christ was a Hod Carrier” by Delores Guglielmo, p. 44
“Passing a Woman in the Night” by Stu Redman, p. 45
“Grandfather’s Visit” by Mary Willette Hughes, p. 46
“Pause” by Echo Syzygy, p. 47
“Refreshment” by Charles Rampp, p. 48
“Anna” by Kerri Brostrom, p. 49
“Death of a Town” by John Grey, p. 50
“Swimming with my Daughter” by Ozzie Mayers, p. 51
“First Communion” by Davis Sapp, p. 52
“Free” by Virgil Suarez, p. 54
“Grandpa’s Banjo” by Larry Shug, p. 56
“The Fruit Will Ripen” by Ryan F. Van Cleave, p. 58
“Skinny Dipping” by Jennifer Locke Wetham, p. 59
“The Age of Now” by Angie Traxler, p. 60

Visual Arts:
“Monday Night” by Jacob Dylla, p. 23
Untitled by Amy Praught, p. 27
“Reinterpreting Nude by Kees Van Dongen” by Erin Gleeson, p. 30
“Remaking Vermeer’s The Milkmaid” by Kari Recker, p. 31
“Geometric Abstraction” by Paula Bergerson, p. 34
“Geometric Abstraction” by Paula Bergerson, p. 35
“Artemisian Zeus” by Caitrin McIlvain, p. 38
“Head” by Megan Junius, p. 39
“Rock and Roll Salvation” by Erin Gleeson, p. 42
“Daydreaming” by Megan Junius, p. 57
“Ma and Pa” by Nicole Jordan, p. 61
Untitled by Michael Murray, p. 62
“Surrendering to Yellow” by Joshua Cunningham, cover

“Scrooge’s Lament” by Celia Hamilton, p. 76

Interview with Tony Hoagland, p. 3

Spring 1998

Editors: Jodi Engle & Barbara Olson

“A Glass of Water” by Larry Shug, p. 1
“Rain” by M. S. Alice, p. 2
“A Snarl in the Brain that don’t Unravel Yet” by Eva Hooker, CSC, p. 4
“We have had Fatal Weather Without a Word of Apology” by Eva Hooker, p. 7
“Red Poppy” by Mara Faulkner, OSB, p. 8
“Early Morning Divertissement” by Mary Willette Hughes, p. 9
“Ashes, 1946″ by Mary Wllette Hughes, p. 10
“The Sacrifice” by Gene Fehler, p. 11
“Radius” by Elizabeth Mahanna, p. 12
“Education” by Dan McKeon, p. 13
“Easters of Clay” by Adam Halbur, p. 14
“The Birth of Venus” by Katherine Beem, p. 21
“Sculptor” by Melissa Jordan, p. 23
“Dust” by Doug McNamee, p. 24
“The Park Keepter” by John Kokkas, p. 25
“The Nightcrawler Hunters” by Bill Meissner, p. 27
“Gooseberry Falls” by Eric Rhinerson, p. 28
“I Still Use Disposable Razors” by Eric Rhinerson, p. 31
“First Run” by Anselm Brocki, p. 32
“Left Behind in a Shoe” by Mark Glover, p. 35
“Snowman” by D. David Sapp, p. 36
“Playing” by Jennifer Whetham, p. 39
“Candy Wrapper” by Jeff Swan, p. 40
“Test Poet” by Louis Phillips, p. 42
“Mike’s Dead” by Lawrence Shug, p. 43
“A Revealing Compensation” by Michael F. Hemmingway, p. 45
“Hypocrisy” by Sherry Schaefer, p. 46
“The Wood Burning Stove” by Clare Rossinni, p. 47
“After the Stillbirth, Autumn” by Clare Rossinni, p. 48
“Morning Desert Song” by Linda Bieler, p.. 49
“Noon Desert Song” by Linda Bieler, p. 50
“Letter to My Home-Schooled Cousin” by Katie Neunsinger, p. 51
“Cinderella” by Jennifer Pecore, p. 55
“The Mad Girl Freaks Out When She can’t Find Her Leg Warmers” by Lyn Lifshin, p. 57
“Life Without Good Yogurt” by Wayne Hogan, p. 59
“Descending Upon New Horizons” by Jennifer Rausch, p. 61
“Speaking of the Wind” by Paul Grant, p. 63
“A Leak in the Roof” by Allison Eir Jenks, p. 65
“The Dream of Excavating My Mother’s House” by Lyn Lifshin, p. 66
“Open Windows” by Mary Hale Jackson, p. 67
“When the Locomotives Came” by Simon Perchik, p. 68

Visual Arts:
“Assisi” by Caitrin McIlvain, p. 22
“Confronting your Soul” by John Dargis, p. 26
“Chair” by Tim Gallant, p. 29
Untitled by Josh Capistrant, p. 30
“Temoku Vase” by Leah McKoy, p. 33
Untitled by Chuck Primus, p. 34
“Reliquary for St. Francis” by Tim Gallant, p. 38
“Study of Minneapolis” by Josh Capistrant, p. 38
“Harmony” by Jeff Forster, p. 41
“Flower from Munsiger Gardens” by Josh Capistrant, p. 56
Untitled by Tim Gallant, p. 60
Untitled by Chuck Primus, p. 62

“The Fall” by Katie Neunsinger, p. 15
“Beyond our Grandmothers” by Jennifer M. White, p. 52
“Yume: Heart-Breaking Down” by Yuko Taniguchi, p. 69

Interview with Jodi Engle and Barbara Olson, p. 3

Spring 1997

Editors: M. Colleen Willenbring & Jodi Engle

“Clean” by Sean A. Lovelace, p. 1
“Winter Knowing” by David R. Cook, p. 2
Untitled by Jeff Ayer, p. 3
“To a Grandmother, Long Dead” by Leslie Katz, p. 5
“Imagination” by Loren Dennis Hayes, p. 6
“To Be a Boy” by Jackson Ahrens, p. 7
“The Dust, the Wind, the Gesture” by Megan Casey, p. 8
“Script Your Own Life” by Marilyn Salzl Brinkman, p. 9
“The Last Ever Immigrant Uncle Poem” by Mark DeCarteret, p. 10
“The Inexact Sentence” by Priscilla Ellsworth, p. 11
“On Counting” by S. Renee Domeier, p. 12
“Porch Scene” by Mary Cummings, p. 14
“Bird Warning” by Christina Sergeyevna, p. 15
“Gifts of Life” by Jennifer White, p. 16
“Sisters” by Kerri Brostrom Masters, p. 18
“Disconnected” by Marilyn Salzl Brinkman, p. 19
“Frozen Eyes: can they Melt” by Jeff Ayer, p. 20
“Letters to a Penitentiary” by Mary Hale Jackson, p. 24
“Charles River (July 1996)” by B. Z. Niditch, p. 25
“The Glass Slipper” by Carol Sudik Moore, p. 28
“Fog of Doubt” by Kenn Mitchell, p. 32
“Academia” by James Jack, p. 33
“When my Ship Comes in” by Charles Wheeler, p. 36
“Dialiectic of the Deep” by Richard A. Bunch, p. 38
“Prodigy” by John P. Kristofco, p. 39
“Tumble Song” by Tanan Cole, p. 40
“From My Window” by John P. Kristofco, p. 48
“In the Stillness” by Mary Hughes, p. 49
“Cruisin'” by M. S. Alice, p. 50
“A Bluejay” by M. S. Alice, p. 51
“We Ate the Required Manna” by Kenn Mitchell, p. 52
“Moonlight” by M. Marceau, p. 53
“Sonnet 71: For Barbara” by David R. Cook, p. 54
“Telephone” by Ryan G. Van Cleave, p. 55
“A Matter of Wings” by Jayne Offenbacker, p. 56
“Shadow Boxing” by Scott Welavert, p. 57
“’Homecoming’ Nicaragua” by Catherine Pappas, p. 58
“Sunbeam” by Carolyn Alme, p. 59
“Daddy’s Hands” by Nadine Wetzel, p. 60
“Windstorm” by Larry Shug, p. 61
“The Enemy” by Burton D. Wasserman, p. 62
“The Five Senses of Death” by Carissa Carnes, p. 63
“New Year’s Eve in Jamaica 12/31/92″ by Diana Sher, p. 64
“Where All Roads End” by Larry Shug, p. 74

Visual Arts:
Untitled by Darilyn Rowan, p. 13
“Skeletal Study” by Tim Gallant, p. 23
Untitled by Leona Green, p. 26
Untitled by Leona Grenn, p. 27
“Clay Jar” by Chris Menzhuber, p. 30
“Shells in a Series” by Sarah Flicek, p. 31
“For Who You Are” by Trevor Borgermeier, p. 34
“Room 2 Explosion” by Anne Bebak, p. 35
“Transcendence of Van Gogh” by John Preacher, p. 45
Untitled by Jen Merdan, p. 46
“The Run: Study 3″ by Toni Schewe, p. 47

“The Boar’s Nest, Where Good Friends Meet” by Androo Carlson, p. 41
“Fine” by Elizabeth DeBroux, p. 65

Spring 1996

Editors: Beth White & M. Colleen Willenbring

“But” by Pearl Mary Wilshaw, p. 1
“Because it’s Sunday We Gather” by Tiffany Dawn Dressen, p. 2
“Birches” by Larry Shug, p. 4
“The Year” by Daniel Moore, p. 5
“The Rising or Falling” by T. N. Turner, p. 6
“Hunger” by Marc Swan, p. 11
“Free Think (no. 1)” by Gegory Tate, p. 12
“I Say to Her” by Erin Marsh, p. 13
“Nights like This” by Tim Hoppey, p. 14
“To the Father and the Poet” by Yuko Taniguchi, p. 15
“Scarecrow: Flesh and Blood” by Gary Jurechka, p. 16
“Lucius (Part XIV)” by Gary Jurechka, p. 16
“Untitled No. 5″ by Gary Jurechka, p. 16
“Haiku #34″ by Gary Jurechka, p. 17
“No Delusions Here” by Gary Jurechka, p. 17
“Abandoned Books” by Arthur G. Gottleib, p. 18
“Rain June” by Robert Schuler, p. 20
“The Seer” by Brian C. Petti, p. 21
“Brad” by Mark Peters, p. 22
“The Same Thing as Love” by Larry Shug, p. 24
“Eating Black Eyed Peas at the Johnny Appleseed Restaurant near Fredericksburg, Virginia – Table #13″ by Alan Britt, p. 25
“Leaf Revenge” by Diane Webster, p. 26
“Ankle, When you Collapsed it was” by Lyn Liftshin, p. 27
“Barren Shade” by P. F. Potvin, p. 28
“Goldilocks” by Kjertina Whiting, p. 30
“The Wickershams in Plate Glass” by Christy Soto, p. 31
“Grandma don’t Like’ by Christy Soto, p. 34
“Hilsboro River” by Lyn Liftshin, p. 38
“The Hands Still Haunt my Body” by Tiffany Dawn Dressen, p. 39
“Walking to Fall down the Stairs” by Bill Meissner, p. 42
“The Blind Basket Maker” by Lyn Liftshin, p. 43
“The Madhatter’s Lemonade Stand” by P. F. Potvin, p. 44
“Insomniac Poet” by B. Z. Niditch, p. 45
“Alban” by Mike Davis, p. 46
“Vatican City, May 21, 1972″ by Kelly Shuford, p. 53
“Fourth Finger, Right Hand” by Erin Marsh, p. 54
“Crazy Lady Responds” by Joanne Lowry, p. 55
“Canyon Creek Stars” by Abigail Gibbs, p. 56
“A Suicide Note Called ‘Because'” by Christy Soto, p. 57
“Acadia” by Taylor Graham, p. 58
“The Bond” by Larry Shug, p. 59
“Transcendance” by Alan Britt, p. 60
“Bulimia” by Kerry Brostrom, p. 61
“All My Life” by Mary Winters, p. 62
“Set” by Jeff Ayer, p. 64
“Lamentation” by Paul Gorton, p. 66
“Ending” by Todd Ator, p. 67
“Epilogue” by George Gott, p. 74

Visual Arts:
“Jack” by Tracy Tonnessen, p. 19
“Andy” by Joslyn Sheridan, p. 29
Untitled by Tracy Tonnessen, p. 32
Untitled Study by Chuck Primus, p. 33
Untitled by Joslyn Sheridan, p. 36
Untitled by Joslyn Sheridan, p. 37
Untitled by Trevor Borgmeier, p. 40
“Cosmology” by Tate A. Rich, p. 41
Untitled by Simon Hoa Phan, p. 50
Untitled by Simon Hoa Phan, p. 51
Untitled by Tracy Tonnessen, p. 52
Untitled by Anne Bebak, p. 63

“Dance Steps for Humanity” by Bayard, p. 8
“Jerusalem” by M. Colleen Willenbring, p. 68

Spring 1995

Editors: Grace Ryan & Beth White

“Air Raid Drill” by Larry Shug, p. 1
“Mary’s Boy” by Larry Shug, p. 4
“Joe’s Step-son” by Larry Shug, p. 5
“Convenience” by Patrick Cole, p. 6
“A Fat Woman in N.Y.” by Yuko Taniguchi, p. 7
“What I ask When I See Jim Morrison” by Tiffany Dressen, p. 8
“Haiku” by Sandra Breth, p. 9
“Retrospect and Passion” by Brian Heller, p. 11
“Connoting” by Anselm Brocki, p. 12
“The Muse” by Kjertina Whiting, p. 18
“Interruption: a Reflection of my Experience in China” by Kelly Noelle Munson p. 20
“History was made in Our Time” by B. Z. Niditch, p. 21
“Auschwitz” by Brad Erbes, p. 24
“War Stories” by Martin Kich, p. 25
“Storm of the Despaired” by Janine Ersfeld, p. 28
“Waiting Room” by Erin Marsh, p. 32
“Departure form Solidity” by Timothy Hodor, p. 33
“Cancer” by Holly Day, p. 34
“Knight in Shining Armor” by Laurie Calhoun, p. 35
“One Dandy Pear this Pair” by Diana M. Robertson, p. 36
“Lilith Being by Next Door Neighbor” by Zachary Chartkoff, p. 42
“Trying to Figure” by Pete Lee, p. 43
“The Naming of Things” by Gary Blankenburg, p. 45
“In Amiens” by Laurie Calhoun, p. 46
“In Kenmore Square” by Marc Swan, p. 47
“Crossroads” by Candace Tellers, p. 48
“It must be St. Valentine’s Day” by B. Z. Niditch, p. 49
“Like a Tattered Garment” by T. N. Turner, p. 52
“Hands” by Yuko Taniguchi, p. 53
“Mornings under Leaves” by Peter Layton, p. 54
Untitled by Christopher Koshiol, p. 55

Visual Arts:
Untitled by Alicia Peters, p. 19
Untitled by Christopher Foreman, p. 22
“Social Amnesia” by David Blum, p. 23
“Decorative Threads” by S. Thomasette Scheeler, p. 26
“Unspoken Words” by S. Thomasette Scheeler, p. 27
“Edgemoore Road” by Judith Goetemann, p. 30
Untitled by Chau Nguyen, p. 31
Untitled by Diana M. Robertson, p. 37
Untitled by Diana M. Robertson, p. 38

“No Strings Attached” by J. J. Frisch, p. 56

Interview with Larry Shug, p. 2

Spring 1994

Editors: Timothy Jennrich, Julie Jasken & Grace Ryan

“At the Cemetery” by Lucille Clifton, p. 1
“Lucifer Speaks in His Own Voice” by Lucille Clifton, p. 4
“Voice for an Oyster” by Jennie Duke, p. 5
“You Ghost Came Calm” by Janine Ewsfeld, p. 6
“The Importance of Each Tree Ring, p. 9
“Vocation” by Brain Blommer, p. 11
“Playing the Wind” Runnign for Fly Balls in Early Spring” by Bill Meissner, p.12
“The August Night Game” by Bill Meissner, p. 13
“Autumn Crowns” by Mary Hughes, p. 15
“He Said I worked For” by Lyn Lifshin, p. 16
“Foreign To” by Jonathan Levant, p. 17
“Sunday Nights” by Tiffany Dressen, p. 20
“Man of Cloth” by Arthur G. Gottleib, p. 21
“In the Copper Card Tabel Set” by Lyn Lifsjin, p. 29
“Excerpts from ‘Forgiveness'” by Brian Blommer, p. 30
“My Son the Religious Jew” by Jonathan Levant, p. 34
“A True Story” by Jennie Duke, p. 36
“Sinking into the Centuries” by Toni La Ree Bennett, p. 39
“The Snowman” by Charles Owen Larson, p. 48
“Fibrous Wisdom” by Jeffrey Ayer, p. 50
“She Said She Saw the Birds, Thought the Lovely” by Lyn Lifshin, p. 52
“Dog Hit on Central Ave” by Lyn Lifshin, p. 53
“Cyclops” by Cyril O’Regan, p. 55
“At a Table near the Bar, a Lady At” by Judson Crews, p. 56
“Sleeping White Blanket” by Jeffrey Ayer, p. 57
“In the Dark” by Mary Hughes, p. 58
“Temporary Squatter” by Cyril O’Regan, p. 60
“No Sleigh Bells on the Door this December” by Lyn Lifshin, p. 61
“Rotting” by Micheal Gavin Brennan, p. 64

Visual Arts:
Untitled by Matt Johnson, p. iv
Untitled by Ross Crombie, p. 7
Untitled by Adam Sparks, p. 8
Untitled by Chris Tran, p. 10
“Peanut Composition” by Matt Johnson, p. 14
Untitled by Chad Jerzak, p. 18
Untitled by Chad Jerzak, p. 19
Untitled by Brother Simon Hao, p. 22
Untitled by Steve Whalen, p. 35
Untitled by Adam Sparks, p. 37
Untitled Abstract by Ellen Guertin, p. 49
“Matthew” by Nicolette Wilson, p. 51
Untitled by Ross Crombie, p. 59
“Old Man” by Ellen Guertin, p. 63
Untitled by Ellen Guertin, p. 71

“Let the Old Ones Speak” by Gary Mansfield, p. 23
“A Particular Sense of Destiny” by Young J. Kim, p. 40
“Faking” by M. Colleen Willenbring, p. 65

Short Biography of Lucille Clifton, p. 2

Spring 1993

Editors: Jennifer A. Coe & Julianne Jasken

“Marital Affair: The Tale of a Cheating Poet” by Murray McCartan, p. 1
“Interior Decorator” by Lawrence Shug, p. 2
“Firemaker” by Lawrence Shug, p. 3
“BlindFish” by Brial Blommer, p. 5
“Building a New Man” by Diane Compton, p. 6
“In the Ground” by Diane Compton, p. 7
“The Firebird” by B. Z. Niditch, p 9
“For Will, Ungilded” by Melody Stevenson, p. 10
“Aging Man, Searchign for the Lost Baseball” by Bill Meissner, p. 19
“Advice on Books” by B. Z. Niditch, p. 20
“A Jewish Grave in Croatia” by B. Z. Niditch, p. 21
“April” by Kaarin S. Johnston, p. 24
“Schizophrenic Free-Write” by Murray McCartan, p. 28
“Rush Hour Hometown U.S.A” by Murray McCartan, p. 29
“Is It Alright for Me to Like the Blues?” by Robert Mulcahy, p 32
“Spring Thaw” by Kaarin Johnston, p. 36
“Steel and Ice and Everythign Nice” by Rob Ramer, p. 41
“Eye of Wisdom (Ceremony of the Living Dead)” by Brian Blommer, p. 42
“Wallflower” by Brain Blommer, p. 43
“Scientific Moratorium” by Jacques Duquette, p. 44
“An Assignment on a Lava lamp” by Mark Shirmacher, p. 45
“Willie’s Old Man” by Dave Davidson, p. 46
“Emment Becomes a Magpie” by Hal J. Daniel III, p. 53
“The Demolition of St. John Cantuis School” by Lawrence Shug, p. 56
“The Judge and the Lady” by WM Meyer Jr., p. 59
“Virgins Have Benn Offered Up For” by Judson Crews, p. 60
“Recovery” by Sandy Longhorn, p. 61

Visual Arts:
“One” by B.J. McDonald, cover
Untitled by Ronna Kohorst, p. 4
“Waterfall” by Chad Jerzak, p. 8
“Salzburg ’93” by Peter Crouser, p. 22
“Madonna” by Mollie K. Seive, p. 23
“Spirit of War” by Dana Brown, p. 26
“Wickerman” by Ellen Guertin, p. 27
“Old Man in the Wind” by Ellen Guertin, p. 30
“Spinner” by Ellen Guertin, p. 31
“Figure Study” by Lisa Cotton, p. 34
“Pente” by Dinh Tran, p. 35
Untitled by Anne Toriderum, p. 38
Untitled by Jenifer Sykora, p. 39
“Fire on Boiler” by Chad Jerzak, p. 40
“Figure Study” by Lisa Cotton, p. 54
Untitled by Lisa Walsh, p. 55
“Dream Series #3″ by Jim Hendershot, p. 58

Spring 1992

Editors: Reba Mathern & Kirsten DeVries

“Why Crack Open A Pearl” by Jonathan Levant, p. 1
“In Simon the Leper’s House” by Charles Ramp, p. 2
“Psycho Therapy” by Dean Tautges, p. 12
Untitled by Micheal Paulunkonis, p. 13
“America” by J. Vincent Hansen, p. 15
“French Kissing a Tibetan Monk in an Italina Fast Food Joint” by Tim Arbisi,p.16
“Fascism” by B. Z. Niditch, p. 18
“Ballade” by Francisco Elvira-Hernandez, p. 19
“Owl” by Lawrence Shug, p. 20
Untitled by Michael Paulunkonis, p. 21
“Medicated Love Poem” by Murray Mccartan, p. 24
“Playing Or the Art of Feng Shui” by Julia Kellum Jensen, p. 26
“Centered in the Empire of the Body” by Jim DeWitt, p. 31
“Circle” by Charles Rampp, p. 47
“When Father Time Comes Home” by Lawrence Shug, p. 59
“Horsehead” by Michael Paulunkonis, p. 60
“Indianerkurzstummfilm” by Francisco Elvira-Hernandez, p. 61
“Unmeasured Love” by Mark Chirhart, p. 62
“This Planet Life” by B. Z. Niditch, p. 63
“A Heart of Darkness” by Juli Jasken, p. 64
“Moving Shadows” by Jacques Duquette, p. 73
“Lying Under Oath” by Brian Blommer, p. 74
“Picture a Post-Holocaustic” by Michael Paulunkonis, p. 76
“Vienna’s Last Waltz” by B. Z. Niditch, p. 77
Untitled by Paul Weinman, p. 81

Visual Arts:
Untitled by Doug DeSanto, p. 3
“Tribal Dive: Rape of the Natives” by Doud DeSanto, p. 14
“Angels on Wing” by Steven Augustine, p. 17
Untitled by Peter Crouser, p 25
“Roots and Culture” by Nick Hall, p. 27
“San Torini, Greece” by Geordie Griffiths, p. 28
Untitled by Chad Tollefson p. 29
Untitled by Josh Mathern, p. 30
Untitled by Peter Crouser, p. 46
Untitled by Chad Tollefson, p. 65
Untitled by Deb Anderson, p. 75
Untitled by Peter Crouser, p. 80

“The Romance of Big Daddy and Mildred, p. 4
“In a Quarter of an Hour” by B. Z. Niditch, p. 22
“Another Torrential Downpour” by Howard Suskind, p. 32
“Sonny” by Larry Edgerton, p. 48
“Things Aren’t Always What They Seem” by Jean Burns, p. 66

Spring 1991

Editors: Jill Schlick & Tim Pehl

“Media Burn: A Document[ary]” by Micheal Paulukonis, p. 1
“Les Temps Modernes” by B. Z. Niditch, p. 2
`”Night’s Sole Flower in Your Eye” by Dale M. Houstman, p. 7
“Black Snake” by Lawrence Shug, p. 8
“King David’s Spear” by Jeffrey Lewis, p. 9
“First Love Letter” by Gary Blankenburg, p. 13
“A White Teacher Teaching Black Students” by Mara Faulkner, O.S.B., p. 15
“To Invoke – To Revoke. If My Head is Up” by Judson Crews, p. 16
“Gotta Think This One Out” by Kerem Durdag, p. 17
“Incubus” by David J. Feela, p. 19
“The Bells Go Off” by Jacques Duquette, p. 20
“Habeas Corpus” by Cyril O’Regan, p. 26
“Cole Younger: No Excuses” by Arthus Winfield Knight, p. 28
“If The Heavens Fall” by Kit Knight, p. 29
“Seasoned” by Brian Blommer, p. 30
“Phoebe” by Terri McCargar, p. 33
“From The Hight Ditch” by Dale M. Houstman, p. 36
“Promethius Lake” by Jeffrey Lewis, p. 39
“Feeding on the Nuclear Dream” by Edward Mycue, p. 41
“Washingtoner Elegien” by Francisco Elvira-Hernandez
“The Chain Sae Man” by Mara Faulkner O. S. B., p. 44
“No Rabbits Died for my Children” by Jonathan Levant, p. 45
“Deliberations of a Crack Pot” by Kerem Durdag, p. 46
“On the Charles Cambridge: 1990″ by B. Z. Niditch, p. 48
“Wether-Man” by Michael Paulukonis, p. 49
“In Formation. Fixxxxxsation” by Michael Paulunkonis, p. 50
“Dance of Death by Maxine K. Russell, p. 51
“The Written Bride.” By Dale M. Houstman, p. 53
“Gum in the Midget’s Coke” by Arthus Winfield Knight, p. 54
“Bach” by Jeffrey Lewis, p. 55

Visual Arts:
Untitled by Peter Crouser, p. vi
“Father and Son” by Dazzle Ekblad, p. 12
Untitled by Rob H. Sklenar, p. 32
Untitled by Peter Crouser p. 47
“The Thinkers” by Erika Schlichting, p. 52
Untitled by Peter Crouser, p. 57

“Nightgate” by Dean Andrade, p. 4
“Sudden Infant Death” by Brian Blommer, p. 21
“Fall of Leaves” by Mark Chirhart, p. 34
“The Devil, the Church, and the Closet Door” by Terri McCargar, p. 58

Short Biography of Mary LaChapelle, p. 37

Spring 1990

Editors: Terri J. McCargar & Michael Schroeder

“The End” by Jeffrey Zable, p. 2
“Sactuary” by David J. Feela, p. 3
“Emerson Hugs Trees” by Marilyn Salz Brinkman, p. 4
“Hurry Up, Please, It’s Time” by Gary Blankenburg, p. 5
“1948 Plymouth Abandoned on the Ice” by Bill Meissner, p. 6
“Writer’s Block in the Heat of Day” by Marilyn Salz Brinkman, p. 8
“Harvard Square” by B. Z. Naditch, p. 9
“Dreams of Fish” by Bill Meissner, p. 10
“Retirement of a Teddy” by Peggy Breid, p. 11
“First Day of Vacation: Muskrat on a Suburban Roadside” by Bill Meissner, p.12
“The Day Michael Died” by Patricia Mohawk, p. 13
“I Wish That I Had Already Faced My Dragons” by Jill Elizabeth Schlick, p. 15
“Silence” by Jill Elizabeth Schlick, p. 15
“Landscape” by Deloris Selinsky, p. 20
“Well Housed” by Deloris Selinsky, p. 20
“Dylan Thomas in America” by James E. Fitzmaurice, p. 21
“Will You Be my Friend?” by M. Cook, p. 22
“Words You WILL Never Hear Me Say” by Saville Taylor, p. 23
“The Temptation” by David J. Feela, p. 25
“The Temptation” by David J. Feela, p. 25
“Irresnaissance” by Jonathan Levant, p. 27
“A Secret Trial is not a Trial” by Jonathan Levant, p. 27
“Graveyard Shift in Radio” by David Breeden, p. 28
“Advice and Guarantee Wastecan” by BillJones, p. 29
“The Abortion” by Arthur Winfield Knight, p. 29
“The Northern Lights” by Jacques Duquette, p. 31
“As” by Collin Jon Kromke, p. 31
“Stomp and Gouge” by David Breeden, p. 32
“Apathy” by Geoffrey Laskowski, p. 35
“To Touch the Bottom of the Ocean” by Brain Blommer, p. 36
“The Breast of Death”by Jeffrey Lewis, p. 37
“Afterwards” by S. Owen Lindblad, p. 38
“Too Late the Spring” by S. Owen Lindblad, p. 38
“Eating With Walter” by Arthur Winfield Knight, p. 39
“Drifter” by David J. Feela, p. 41
“Mid-Life Crisis” by David J. Feela, p. 42
“Unnatural Acts: MLA Conference” by James E. Fitzmaurice, p. 42
“The Journey” by Darren Kruzan, p. 43
“Hallelujah” by B. Z. Niditch, p. 47
“Sweeping Crickets” by David Breeden, p. 48
“Elm, Emblem and Other” by Jonathan Levant, p. 49
“Come Nightness” by Jonathan Levant, p. 49
“I Remember….” By Jean Burns, p. 50
“Mr. Electric” by Gary Blankenburg, p. 52, 54
“Join Up” by David Breeden, p. 55
“Thank You” by David Breeden, p. 55
“Just Before the Poetry Reading” by Gary Blankenburg, p. 56
“Therese” by Cyril O’Regan, p. 59
“Jumprope” by Lawrence Shug” p. 60
“Your Mama” by Gary Blankenburg, p. 61
“Eve” by Allan McWilliams, p. 62
“City Mirages” by Diane Webster, p. 64
“Bus Depot” by Diane Webster, p. 64
“A Modern Love Story” by Jeffrey Zable, p. 65
“Hooked” by Jeffrey Zable, p. 65
“The Giants and the Dodgers” by Lawrence Shug, p. 68
“Bears” by Lawrence Shug, p. 69
“Cork” by Lawrence Shug, p. 69
“Checking Yellow Pages” by Patricia Mohawk, p. 74
“The Editor” by Diane Webster, p. 75
“I’m Just the Person Sitting Here (Rainy Day)” by Craig Wright, p. 75
“Right of Way” by James E. Fitzmaurice, p. 76
“The Gossip” by Mary Willette Hughes, p. 76
“Wakas to Remember By” by Jacques Duquette, p. 78
“A Fall Day Near Sagatagon Lake” p. 78
“Picture Vivid” by Craig Wright, p. 79
“A Version of Departure” by Craig Wright, p. 79
“Dying” by Cyril O’Regan, p. 81
“On Beer and Bullseyes” by Collin Jon Kromke, p. 82
“A Few Hours” by Collin Jon Kromke, p. 82
“I Heard This Man on T.V.” by Lisa Kucharski, p. 83
“I Start” by Judson Crews, p. 84
“Secrets” by Glenn Skuta, p. 84
“My Last Visit to my Grandfather” by Bill Jones, p. 86
“College Boy” by Bill Jones, p. 87
“Mapped Out” by Bill Jones, p. 87
“In Fourth Grade” by Jeff Johnson, p. 88
“The Anger” by David J. Feela, p. 91
“Grieving” by Mary Willette Hughes, p. 91
“Thursday Rain: Hiroshima” by B. Z. Niditch, p. 93
“The Question City” by Tim Pehl, p. 93
“The Hummingbirds are in the Morning Glories Again” by Patricia Mohawk,p.97
“Circumstantial Hate” by Pam Neihoff, p. 98

Visual Arts:
Untitled by Tom Evers, p. 7
Untitled by Tom Evers, p. 14
Untitled by Tom Evers, p. 14
Untitled by Karen Mensing, p. 19
Untitled by Doug Desanto, p. 24
Untitled by Tom Evers, p 30
Untitled by R. J. Reber, p. 33
Untitled by Leah Campbell, p. 34
Untitled by Leah Campbell, p. 40
“Where Am I?” by Leah Campbell, p. 44
Untitled by Leah Campbell, p. 46
Untitled by dawn Purtle, p. 51
Untitled by Randy Moore, p. 53
Untitled by Leah Campbell, p. 58
Untitled by Doug Desanto, p. 63
Untitled by Tom Evers, p. 66
Untitled by Tom Evers, p. 70
Untitled by Leah Campbell, p. 77
Untitled by Leah Campbell, p. 80
Untitled by Kelvin Yue, p. 85
Untitled by Tom Evers, p. 89
Untitled by Dug Desanto, p. 90
Untitled by Teresa Mak, p. 92

“Sin, Soul, and the Unisex Club” by Vachel Miller, p. 16
“Whatever Happened to Jack?” by Tom McDonald
“The Attic” by Delbert Brobst, p. 71
“A Day in April, 1918″ by Rima Montoya, p. 94

Spring 1989

Editors: Daniel Hotz & Sarah Welshons

“Spheres” by Jeanne Faulkner Adelmeyer, p. 6
“Bubbles Burst” by Holly Anderson, p. 7
“Norway-Just another Day” by Holly Anderson, p. 8
“Eating Cracker Jacks and Humming Battle Hymns” by Holly Anderson, p. 9
“Modern Confessions” by David Breeden, p. 10
“An Intriguing Thought – Wouldn’t you Think?” by Judson Crews p. 11
“The Lightest Rain on the Pond” by James Fitzmaurice, p. 12
“Heat” by James Fitzmaurice, p. 13
“But See!” by James Fitzmaurice, p. 14
“Upon This Rock” by Joe Halloran, p. 15
“Pattern” by Mary Willette Hughes, p. 16
“The Monkey Do Club” by Lisa Kucharski, p. 17
“Reflections from a Cup” by Robert Lawton, p. 18
“The Communist” by Robert Lawton, p. 19
“Disputed Soil” by Jonathan Levant, p. 20
“666 South Main (Seat of Satanism)” by Jonathan Levant, p. 21
“In the Halls of Hallelujah” by Jonathan Levant, p. 22
“Time Bomb” by Patty Mattern, p. 23
“Epithalamium” by Cyril O’Regan, p. 24
“Two-Bit Ella” by Lawrence Shug, p. 25
“Sound Track” by Lawrence Shug. P. 26
“Truth is Sung in Winter Branches” by Lawrence Shug, p. 27
“Nature’s Paintbrush” by Deloris Selinsky, p. 28
“Weather Report” by Deloris Selinski, p. 29
“The Library” by Isabel Shea, p. 30
“Assumption” by Kathryn Weiss, p. 31
“Noel” by Kathryn Weiss, p. 32

Visual Arts:
Untitled by Mary Johnstone, p. 34
Untitled by Mary Johnstone, p. 35
Untitled by Lynn Lenards, p. 36
Untitled by Lynn Lenards, p. 37
“Humility” by Joe McEllistrem, p. 38
“Nature’s Flocking” by Joe McEllistrem, p. 39
Untitled by Meg Preble, p. 40
Untitled by Meg Preble, p. 41
Untitled by Tom Voller, p. 42
Untitled by Tom Voller, p. 43
Untitled by Rob Adams, p. 44
“Van” by Joe Baily, p. 45
Untitled by Leah Campbell, p. 46
Untitled by Kathy Corrigan, p. 47
Untitled by Ben Johnson, p. 48
Untitled by Jeff Lenzmeier, p. 49
“Pink Bowl” by Andrew Morsches, p. 50
“Jacob and the Angel” by Joseph O’Connell, p. 51
Untitled by Brian Rogers, p. 52
“Winter Night” by Sarah Welshons, p. 53

“The Quality of Life in Salt Lake City” by David Shields, p. 54
“I Heard a Man. I Heard a Songbird” by Joseph Cleveland, p. 58
“Practice for a Lifetime” by Cindy Mackendanz, p. 59
“An Objective Discourse Upon the State of Modern Fiction: A Romance in More Than One Part” by Alan McWilliams, p. 67

Spring 1988 (rare copy)*

Editors: John Gimpl & Janet Hulm

“The Water Tower Climbers” by William Meissner, p. 6
“The Sons and Daughters Talk of the Drowned Fathers” by William Meissner, p. 7
“Virgin” by Jill Bandemer, p. 8
“Veteran’s Day” by Thomas Hendrickson, p. 10
“Diamonds of South Africa” by Thomas Hendrickson, p. 11
“She Once Asked Me Why” by Brian Blommer, p. 12
“Distilled Spirit” by Brian Blommer, p. 13
“Leah’s Tent” by Elizabeth Mische John, p. 14
“what if” by Anthony Vigil, p. 16
“urban suicide” by Anthony Vigil, p. 17
“I Can’t Eat Things With Heads” by Holly Anderson, p. 18-19
“Life’s Tree Swing” by Holly Anderson, p. 20
“Quilt History” by Marilyn Salzl Brinkman, p. 22
“history class” by Real Faucher, p. 24
“& she held me” by Real Faucher, p. 25
“Trojan War” by Susan Winter, p. 27
“Happy Hour” by Arthur Winfield Knight, p. 29
“Anatomy of a Quarrel” by Yvonne Pearson, p. 30
“Cleansing” by Yvonne Pearson, p. 31
“Hide-And-Seek” by Diane Webster, p. 36
“Storm Warning” by David J. Feela, p. 38
“Home Delivery” by David J. Feela, p. 39
“Bread Bowl” by Lawrence Schug, p. 40
“Jump Rope Song” by Lawrence Schug, p. 41
“Ol’ Mother Africa” by Lawrence Schug, p. 42-43

“I’ll Bet She Really Knows There’s No Such Place as Rooster Poop, Iowa” by Mary Doyscher, p. 32-34
“Anna’s Father” by Jacqueline Edlund, p. 46-53

Untitled by Julie Idstrom, p. 9
“The Holy Family” by Julie Ann Peck, p. 15
“Ode to St. Sebastian” by Greg Page, p. 21
“The Importance of Being Pelican” by Julie Idstrom, p. 23
“Mike” by Greg Page, p. 26
“Captiva Sunrise Shells” by Julie Idstrom, p. 28
“Spatium” by John Meyer, p. 35
“There are Many Ulcers in the Womb” by Greg Page, p. 37
Untitled by John Meyer, p. 44
“Sal’s Bar” by Brian Allen, p. 45