Give Stock

Gifts of Securities

Donors who choose to give appreciated assets such as stocks or other securities can claim the full market value of the securities as a deduction in the year of the gift, thereby eliminating capital gains taxes on long-term holdings.

The legal name of CSB is College of Saint Benedict. The Federal ID number is 41-0969244.

The College of Saint Benedict works with RBC Wealth Management:

RBC Wealth Management
1015 West St. Germain, Suite 400
St. Cloud, MN 56301

Title:  College of Saint Benedict
Acct#: 307-62-884
DTC#: 0235
Contact: Greg Neville at 320-656-4780

If you plan on making a gift of securities, please contact Deb Linnemann at 320-363-5013 or [email protected].

Note: Transfers are made without donor names attached.