Electronic Fund Transfer

How can you ensure thoughtful use of college resources? How can you demonstrate your commitment to Saint Ben's students? By making a gift via electronic fund transfer!

Electronic fund transfers (EFT) provide an opportunity to spread installments of your annual gift over an entire year through monthly or quarterly payments directly from your bank account. It is easy, secure and provides a reliable source of funding for student scholarships.

Benedictine values are a distinctive and deeply rooted part of our campus culture. The value of stewardship is central to our mission as a college and guides our commitment to Saint Ben's students. A gift through EFT reduces paper waste and postage costs allowing the college to be better stewards of our natural resources as well as better stewards of your gift. As a result, your gift will have an even greater impact on students at Saint Ben's.

EFT is also excellent choice for budgeting purposes. For many, an annual gift divided over the course of a year is more manageable. Increased gifts are also easier to make through EFT helping current students even more!

Make an EFT commitment today!