Monastic Life/Rituals


Becoming Benedictine: A Brief History
A 3-minute video clip touching on the history of Saint John's, presented by Father Columba Stewart, OSB.

The Benedictine Perspective Through Videography by Br. Simon-Hoa Phan

One Hundred Miles of Harmony by Fr. William Skudlarek & Ajahn Jotipalo

Not Just Talking About the Weather by Fr. William Skudlarek

Benedictine Living and Learning: Building Up the Community by Br. Aelred Senna

Lectio Divina: The Ancient Monastic Art of Praying with the Word by Br. David Paul Lange

Musings on Monastic Mergers by Sr. Michaela Hedican

Once a Johnnie, Always a Johnnie by Fr. Lew Grobe


The Reshaping of a Tradition by Sr. Ephrem Hollermann

The Cloister Walk by Kathleen Norris (available in Quad 241 & Clemens Library)

A Not-So-Unexciting Life Edited by Carmel Posa (available in Quad 241 & Clemens Library)

Monastery Talks: At Home with Saint Benedict by Mark Scott (available in Quad 241 & Alcuin Library)

Prayer & Community: The Benedictine Tradition by Columba Stewart, Ch. 4-6 (available in Quad 241 & Clemens Library)

Praying with Benedict by Korneel Vermeiren (available in Quad 241 & Alcuin Library)

Sacred Rhythms: The Monastic Way Every Day by Br. Francis de Sales Wagner (available in Quad 241 & Clemens Library)

Beyond the Walls: Monastic Wisdom for Life by Paul Wilkes (available in Quad 241 and Clemens Library)

Prayer (photo courtesy of Saint John's Abbey)