Art: K-12 Education

In addition to secondary education courses, students will also complete art courses.

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Requirements for Teachers of Art, Grades K-12

Art Major, Secondary Education Minor

Required Art Courses (49 Credits)

ART 118 Design: 2D/4D (4 credits)

ART 119 Design: 3D/Drawing (4 credits)

Choose 1: ART 230 or ART 260 Art History (4 credits). Art History during study abroad may be approved by Art Department Chair. Contact in advance of study abroad.

ART 219 Ceramics I (4 credits)

ART 248 Sophomore Topics (2 credits) (Fall semester)

ART 300 Modern and Contemporary Art (4 credits) (Spring semester)

ART 351 Senior Studio Thesis (4 credits) (taken Fall semester of senior year) (Capstone)

ART 355 Senior Thesis Exhibit (1 credit) (Spring senior year) Contact Art Department Chair to register.

NOTE: Students concentrating in K-12 art education are required to have experiences in SIX OR MORE diverse art studio areas, with emphasis in at least TWO. Six specific introductory studio areas are required as follows:

  1. DRAWING – ART 118/119 (counts as an introductory Drawing studio course)(AE, T1)
  2. SCULPTURE – ART 219 (counts as an introductory Sculpture studio course) (AE, T1)
  3. FIBER ARTS – EDUC 340 (introductory Fiber Arts is covered in this Education requirement) (AE, T1)

Following are the courses that complete your six introductory studio areas:

  1. PAINTING – ART 215 Painting I (4 credits) (AE, T1)
  2. GRAPHIC ARTS – ART 217 Photography I OR Art 233F Printmaking (4 credits)
  3. COMPUTER GRAPHICS – ART 218 Computer Art I OR ART 262 Digital Video (4 credits)

Choose TWO AREAS OF EMPHASIS from the following options:

  1. DRAWING: ART 214 Drawing I (4 credits)
  1. SCULPTURE: ART 216 Sculpture I (4 credits) OR ART 220 Jewelry I OR ART 319 Ceramics II Pre-req: ART 219 Ceramics I (4 credits)
  2. FIBER ARTS – not available as an emphasis
  3. PAINTING: ART 315 Painting II (4 credits)
  1. GRAPHIC ARTS: ART 317 Photography II Pre-req. ART 217 (4 credits)
  2. COMPUTER GRAPHICS: ART 318 Computer Art II (4 credits) OR ART 362 Digital Video II (4 credits)

Foundational Education Courses Required for Licensure (42-45 credits)

EDUC 111 Introduction to Teaching and Learning in a Diverse World [CI] (4 cr.)

First-Year Teacher Shadow Field Experience

EDUC 203 Human Growth and Development (SW, J1, 4 cr.) Pre-req: EDUC 111

EDUC 213 Clinical Experience: 5-12/K-12 Diversity Immersion (1 or 2 cr.)

EDUC 305 Human Exceptionalities (1 cr.) Pre-req: EDUC 203

EDUC 315 Elementary Art K-6 (1-2 cr.) Pre-req: EDUC 111

EDUC 340 Art Education K-12 (spring of even years) (4 cr.) (EX)

EDUC 352 Teaching Reading in the Middle/Secondary Classroom (1-2 cr.)

EDUC 359 Issues in Education K-12 (Take semester prior to student teaching) (1 credit)

EDUC 379A Educ Psychology (SW, QR, TF, 4 cr) Pre-req: EDUC 111, take concurrently with EDUC 340

EDUC 390 Human Relations [BN, CS] (4 cr.)

Passing scores on the Minnesota Teacher Licensure Exams (MTLE) (Pedagogy and Content Exams)

Capstone Experience Pre-req: successful completion of all requirements

EDUC 363 Student Teaching K-12 (16 credits)