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Women in STEM Scholarship

CSB Chemistry student

Application Deadline: January 15, 2023

In addition to our generous four-year merit scholarships, CSB has a limited number of Women in STEM scholarships. 

Scholarship Value:
$5,000 for each of four years. 4-year value of $20,000

The Women in STEM program offers a merit-based scholarship to undergraduate students coming from seven eligible academic fields (Chemistry, Biochemistry, Computer Science, Data Science, Mathematics and Physics). These women will be a community of student leaders who have been selected to receive four years of financial aid, extended mentorship and support, and professional development. The goal of this program is to provide general education and training in communication, leadership, networking, ethics, and equity in STEM to assist the scholars in their preparation for future leadership roles while complementing the specialized education and training provided in their STEM programs.

Candidates are preferred to have taken the equivalent of four years of high school math and science, but we welcome applications from candidates who didn’t have this opportunity. Candidates must also plan to begin their education at CSB during the Fall 2023 semester. 

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Women in STEM Scholarship Application

Each scholar, by accepting the scholarship award makes a commitment to participate in this program.  This requires completing a sequence of courses intended to help students transition to college, explore and prepare for careers in STEM, live in our STEM intentional living community, and get started on research.  To continue to hold the scholarship, a scholar must make satisfactory progress toward their STEM degree and be an active and participate in specialized program events each year for four consecutive years. 

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*CSB and SJU’s Pre-engineering program is not a major.  It is a dual-degree program that allows students to begin academic studies at CSB and SJU and then continue an engineering degree at another school. Students planning to pursue engineering must be majoring in one of the STEM fields listed above to qualify for this scholarship.

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