Student Spotlight: Brady Sabolik

When accounting and finance students decide to double major, popular other disciplines are business, economics, and computer science. Occasionally, we will get a student passionate about a language who majors or minors in Hispanic Studies or another language. It is very rare that one of our students double majors in Theology, but that is just what senior finance major Brady Sabolik chose to do!

Brady got involved in a bible study during his first year at Saint John’s, and he liked being able to discuss faith issues with fellow students. Brady now leads a bible study group and is a regular at Sunday evening student mass.

“Although studying Theology has given me a great deal of personal fulfillment, it has also been a great way to improve my reading and writing skills. It paired well with finance that way,” Brady explained. “Finance taught me the hard skills, whereas Theology taught me to think more about the ‘why’ behind issues.”

“Theology has taught me to be more open-minded,” Brady continued. “I am now more informed on different religions. I have many friends who are not Catholic, and I’ve grown in appreciation for the views and beliefs of others.”

Brady’s mom graduated from Saint Ben’s, and while Saint John’s was Brady’s first college visit, it wasn’t what he thought would be his dream college. “I was disappointed at first that I didn’t get into my preferred college,” Brady admitted, “but coming to St. John’s has been a blessing in disguise. I have become great friends with my classmates, and the faculty are incredible. They are personable, understanding, and willing to go the extra mile.”

Brady (2nd from left) and friends carrying the Saint Ben’s and Saint John’s flag through the finish line of the Athens Authentic Marathon.

Although COVID prevented Brady from being involved in as many activities as he liked, he still made the most of his four years. When his study abroad trip to Guatemala in his junior year was canceled, he instead studied in Athens, Greece. “COVID rules prevented us from leaving Greece, so we really explored the country. We were constantly researching what trips we could take within Greece, a lot of discussing and planning,” Brady said. “We even ran the Athens Authentic Marathon!”

After graduation, Brady will begin his career as a Credit Officer at AgCountry Farm Credit Services. In the long run, he could see utilizing the skills he developed at Saint John’s to be in a financial or operational leadership position in farming or the agricultural industry.

“I’m so glad I came here. I have met many great Bennies and Johnnies,” Brady gushed. “I was taught how to think critically, put myself in others’ shoes, and approach each situation knowing the other person is also trying to do their best. My classmates and I are poised to become the leaders the world needs!”

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