The Accounting department offers two major concentrations in Accounting, as well as an Accounting minor.

  • Traditional Accounting
  • Public Accounting, Major Concentration

As an Accounting student at CSB+SJU, you will have the opportunity to pick the concentration that fits best with your career goals. All states, including Minnesota, require 150 credit hours of education to obtain the CPA license. Our Public Accounting concentration has many preparatory courses to help students do well on the Certified Public Accounting (CPA) exam. The Traditional Accounting concentration provides a broader, more general view of accounting and is especially useful for students who double major or study abroad. Additionally, students in the Traditional Accounting concentration are able to sit for the CPA exam with no extra coursework.

Many Accounting students pursue internships during their junior year. Internships not only give students hands-on experience but allows them to test their probable career path while still in college. Plus, many of the internships are well-paid.

Quick Facts

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Course Number Course Title Credits
ACFN 111 Principles I 4 Credits
ACFN 112 Principles II 4 Credits
ACFN 210 Business Communication 2 Credits
ACFN 271 Individual Learning Project 1-4 Credits
ACFN 310 Fundamentals of Managerial Finance 4 Credits
ACFN 312 Financial Modeling & Analysis 4 Credits
ACFN 315 Theory of Investments 4 Credits
ACFN 318 Finance in Corporations 4 Credits
ACFN 320 International Finance 4 Credits
ACFN 325 Intermediate Accounting I 4 Credits
ACFN 326 Intermediate Accounting II 4 Credits
ACFN 330 Governmental and Not-for-Profit Accounting 2 Credits
ACFN 330A Governmental and Not-for-Profit Accounting-Web course 3 Credits
ACFN 331 Cost Accounting 4 Credits
ACFN 335 Business Law 2 Credits
ACFN 338 Advanced Accounting 4 Credits
ACFN 340 Accounting Information Systems 4 Credits
ACFN 341 Introduction to Income Taxation 2 Credits
ACFN 342 Advanced Individual Income Taxation 2 Credits
ACFN 343 Business Taxation Topics 2 Credits
ACFN 344 Tax Research and Communication 2 Credits
ACFN 353 Fraud Examination 2 Credits
ACFN 355 Auditing 4 Credits
ACFN 360 Financial Derivatives 4 Credits
ACFN 361 Security Analysis and Portfolio Management 4 Credits
ACFN 362 Current Issues in Finance 4 Credits
ACFN 363 Advanced Corporate Finance 4 Credits
ACFN 370IA International Finance 3 Credits
ACFN 371 Individual Learning Project 1-4 Credits
ACFN 395 Case Analyses in Business Finance 4 Credits
ACFN 396 Accounting Capstone 4 Credits
ACFN 397 Internship 1-16 Credits