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We offer three paths to success:
Public Accounting|Traditional Accounting|Finance.

Have you dreamed of being a CEO or CFO? Accounting & Finance graduates are highly sought after in the job market and often go on to leadership positions or start their own business. This versatile major gives students quantitative and qualitative business skills, which provide them with the flexibility of multiple career paths, all with great pay and a good pay trajectory.

Accounting & Finance graduates are more versatile than many majors with both quantitative and qualitative business skills. This allows graduates to change career paths very quickly.


Why Study Accounting & Finance at CSB+SJU?

CSB and SJU is among the top three accounting programs in Minnesota and the only one at a true liberal arts school. Accounting and finance at a liberal arts college gives students a broader perspective on life and extraordinary critical thinking skills that will set them apart.

As a student in our program, our faculty is focused on helping you succeed. Our department works hard to prepare our students for life after college, from internships to job opportunities to coursework relevant to what they will do after college. Plus, accounting majors at CSB and SJU can qualify to take the CPA exam in four years of college, which is a year less than most places. We estimate that this advantage alone will save you well over $50,000!


Program Overview

When you study accounting and finance at CSB and SJU, you will have opportunities beyond the classroom to network and grow your skills. The Finance Club is popular with our students because they get a more in-depth perspective of a finance career. We encourage our students to take a business study abroad course. This experience can help you understand the world around you while also gaining clarity on your career path.

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