Program Review and Annual Reports

What is program review?

Program review is a cyclical process for evaluating and continuously enhancing the quality of academic, co-academic, and co-curricular programs. All programs at the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University conduct in-depth reviews every ten years with the option of a mid-cycle review at year 5. Programs with specialized accreditation use those processes to promote programmatic improvement in lieu of the college/university process.

Regular program review is a required element for Higher Learning Commission regional accreditation because of its important role in assuring programs are meeting the needs of current and future students. Other potential benefits include:

  • Refining program goals and student learning outcomes;
  • Redesigning or creating new curricula to improve student learning and reflect the latest developments in the discipline;
  • Recalibrating the program’s assessment plan;
  • Improving the program’s ability to attract, retain, and serve students well;
  • Revising the staffing plan to meet the needs of the students and curriculum; and,
  • Identifying gaps and attending to current program issues, such as diversity and inclusion, professional development, mentoring, resources, and so forth.

How does CSB/SJU conduct program review?

Programs undergoing review are provided a comprehensive Program Review Guidebook at the onset of the program review. The Program Review Guidebook is updated annually. Please contact OAAE to obtain the most current version of the Guidebook.