Institutional Learning Goals

Embrace DifferenceThink DeeplyEngage GloballyServe GraciouslyLive Courageously

Drawn from our missions and our Catholic and Benedictine values and traditions, our Institutional Learning Goals establish clear expectations and outcomes for the curricular and co-curricular experience at the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University. The Office of Academic Assessment and Effectiveness seeks to help programs, and the institutions as a whole, achieve all five of these learning goals to their fullest potential.

Think Deeply

Think critically, creatively, and with complexity when addressing significant questions.

Our students will demonstrate critical thinking and manage cognitive complexity. These skills include approaching problems in integrative ways from multiple perspectives, as well as to ethically acquire, evaluate and apply information and communicate in multiple formats. The CSB/SJU learning experience will provide students with opportunities for reflective learning, analytic inquiry, investigation, application, problem solving, creativity and communication.

Embrace Difference

Observe life from multiple perspectives.

Our students will demonstrate identity awareness, including power and privilege, and practice inclusivity and cultural agility. These skills include an ability to learn from, respect, and work with people whose identity and perspective are different from their own. Students will show an ability to engage the world through the lens of gender, with an appreciation of human differences. The CSB/SJU learning experience will provide students with opportunities to reflect on their own cultural identity, engage diverse points of view and learn to respect cultures/values different from their own.

Engage Globally

Embark on a journey of discovery and take part in the world.

Our students will commit to global engagement, civic engagement and citizenship. These skills include an understanding of justice and the common good, awareness of social responsibility and knowledge of world systems and their points of intersection/divergence. The CSB/SJU learning experience will provide students with opportunities to reflect on their place in the world, experience different cultures, and practice social responsibility and leadership both locally and globally.

Serve Graciously

Discover a meaningful life purpose through service and leadership.

Our students will commit to personal reflection, personal development, honest, service and leadership. Grounded in our Benedictine heritage, these skills include an understanding of spirituality as an important aspect of identity, a commitment to community and principled leadership, and the ability to live a purposeful professional and personal life. The CSB/SJU learning experience will provide opportunities to reflect spiritually, and develop ethical/moral principles for guiding one’s actions. Their experiences will integrate professional development, personal development and community engagement.

Live Courageously

Embody the skills and attributes of personal and professional success.

Our students will refine and articulate their educational, career and life goals. These skills include appropriate use of campus resources, resilience in the face of challenges and opportunities, and development of habits for personal success. The CSB/SJU learning experience will provide students with opportunities and resources to make informed academic, personal and professional choices for the future.