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"The task of a teacher, who is also a learner, is both joyful and rigorous. It demands seriousness and scientific, emotional and affective preparation." Paulo Freire

Purposeful decision-making is at the heart of effective teaching.  Our aim is to develop exemplary teachers with a strong liberal arts foundation who exemplify Benedictine values, and who consistently make professional decisions that help all students achieve their full potential as persons and as responsible world citizens in a democratic society.

Through formal instruction, field experiences, and supervised clinical teaching we strive to prepare educators who understand the complexities of today's classrooms and students, and who are able to apply their knowledge for the benefit of their students.

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Program Highlights

  • K-12 classroom experience as observers, aides, tutors, and instructors in diverse educational settings is woven throughout candidates' four years of study and practice.
    - Elementary candidates invest 200 hours in field experiences followed by 600 hours in 16 weeks of student teaching.
    - 5-12 secondary candidates invest 140 hours in field experiences followed by 600 hours during 16 weeks of student teaching.
    - K-12 candidates invest more than 140 hours in field experiences followed by varied hours during student teaching, depending on their area of study.
  • All licensure programs are approved by the Minnesota Board of Teaching and accredited by the Council for Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) -- formerly NCATE (National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education).
    -  Grade K-6 Elementary Education
    -  Grade K-12 Visual Arts, Vocal or Instrumental Music, French, German, Spanish and Teaching English as a Second Language
    -  Grade 5-12 Language Arts, Social Studies, Mathematics
    -  Grade 5-8 Language Arts, Mathematics, and Natural Science
    -  Grade K-8 French, German and Spanish
    -  Grade 9-12 Biology, Chemistry and Physics
  • All candidates affirm their instructional effectiveness during their student teaching experience by completing a graded teacher work sample and a nationally scored Stanford-Pearson Teacher Performance Assessment.
  • Candidates' average annual employment rate in educational settings exceeds 80%.

Meet Our Students

Creative Integration of Standards with Policymaking Exposure

Paige Merwin is an elementary education student with a music
minor whose career at CSB/SJU has focused on the integration of creative arts
and Minnesota state English language standards.  Working alongside students and classroom teachers, the project culminated in a 45 minute performance by Paige and fifty-five fourth grade students at Avon Elementary.

Her work will be highlighted at the 2017
Minnesota Private College Scholars Showcase
 for policymakers and others. Paige is one of two students that will be representing the College of Saint Benedict and Saint
John’s University at the event.

Kennedy Community School Partnership

The College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University creates a powerful partnership with Kennedy Community School, resulting in CSB/SJU's very own classroom! Watch our students transform the new classroom at Kennedy Community School

College Bonds Outlast Graduation

The connections you make in college can last a lifetime. This is especially true for nine CSB/SJU elementary education graduates who all found teaching positions together at Annandale Elementary School.

Education Students