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Benedictine Institute of Saint John's

The Mission Statement for the Benedictine Institute states in part, "The Benedictine Institute is to strengthen and articulate in fresh ways the Catholic and Benedictine character of Saint John's University that has been its hallmark since it was founded by the monks of Saint John's Abbey in 1857.

"The Benedictine Institute will undertake its mission through existing programs and new initiatives to promote a lively, rich, and authentic understanding and appreciation of Benedictine life and culture on campus.

"Orienting new faculty and staff to Saint John's history and the Benedictine character and ethos underlying it will be one goal. Exploring the bearing of historic Benedictine values and practices on educational and vocational goals will be another. Sponsoring visiting scholars and organizing symposia on matters of particular concern to contemporary Benedictines will be a third.  Planning study tours for faculty and staff to Catholic and Benedictine sites as funding allows will be a fourth."


A Monk's Insight on Death
Fr. Mark Thamert

Fr. Mark's Lunch and Learn Video 

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