Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Justice

"To strive for peace on all levels: with self, others, and God."  R.B. Prologue


Benedictine Perspectives on DEIJ:
1. Navigating Spiritual Bypass when Talking about Oppression: Leaning into the Benedictine Values by Cindy Gonzalez

2. DEIJ as Spiritual and Communal Practice by Nicholas Tangen

3. The Benedictine Demand to Live in Right Relationship with Our God, Community and Planet by Eric LeCompte

4. DEIJ Panel Discussion Cindy Gonzalez, Nicholas Tangen, and Eric LeCompte with moderator Jessie Bazan

Other Texts Related to DEIJ

Mission of Hospitality by Nickolas Kleespie, O.S.B., appeared in the Spring 2022 Abbey Banner.  Copyright © 2022 by Order of Saint Benedict, Collegeville, Minnesota.

Practicing Benedictine Values to Create an Inclusive Learning Environment by Jonathan Nash