Global Health Fellowship

Global Health Fellowship

Our Mission

To empower students to examine and transform the health of communities, paying particular attention to issues of justice, inequality, and problems that transcend borders.

The Global Health Fellows Story

In 2020 the U.S. Department of Education awarded a 2-year grant to CSB/SJU to develop a Global Health minor and create student and faculty opportunities to engage global health.  This grant provides $6000 to two Global Health Fellows each summer to work locally (within 90 miles of CSB/SJU) with an organization engaged in global/public health work.  As this is an Undergraduate International Studies and Foreign Language (UISFL) grant, Global Health Fellows will be required to demonstrate Spanish language proficiency at the ACTFL Intermediate level (preference for Advanced).  Proposed sites should be engaged in global/public health with opportunities to put these Spanish skills to use.  Students with a range of interests, experiences, and majors are encouraged to apply.  Feel free to contact any of us involved with this grant to help identify promising sites:

Jeffrey Anderson, Peace Studies, [email protected]

Ellen Block, Sociology and Anthropology, [email protected]

Mani Campos, Biology, [email protected]

Roy Ketchum, Hispanic Studies, Latino/Latin American Studies [email protected]

Brittany Merritt, History, [email protected]